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Shiatzy Chen's Bold but Feminine

Resembling a blood moon lunar eclipse, a copper red disk stood in the back of the catwalk at Shiatzy Chen. At the same time, mysterious smoke oozed out the edges of the celestial body. It was the perfect setting to display the edgy yet elegant collection for Fall/Winter 2019. Inspired by the Miao mythodology, most looks incorporated silver adornments creating the perfect balance between boldness and femininity.

As soon as the beat took off, a model dressed in an all black outfit started strutting down the runway. With a shear bell-sleeved top and a leather skirt, she owned the road. Turning heads, a model wore a strapless red dress with an embroidered tulle skirt. A metallic rose gold jacket with pink teddy cuffs is unquestionably one of our beloved pieces. Paired with a polka-dot shear black top and black pants, the look represents flawless girls-night-out attire.

The finale was aced with a black lace maxi dress featuring a tutu on the bottom layers. Shiatzy Chen's exquisite approach at bringing Chinese artistry and contemporary chic together is what makes collections like this extraordinary.

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