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Tina Albert Luxury is a State of Mind

Model, World traveller, blogger and business women are just a few of the things listed in the “work experience” column on Tina Alberts resume. In a time where the term girl Boss is used on a daily this one girl boss is running her own world in the luxury fashion sector, and we could all take a leaf out of her book.

IRK Magazine had the opportunity to get to know Tina Alberts while she was visiting Paris and to capture her luxury lifestyle at the Ritz where she was staying. Tina is a strong independent woman who is living her dream so we were curious to learn about this modern female entrepreneur.

After an 11-year stint in the modeling industry, Tina Albert knows a few things about the fashion world. Learning first-hand what it’s like to work in the multimillion-dollar business she was exposed to the tricks of the trade some of us will sadly never get to witness. After her time in modelling she turned to a personal assistant job where she was able to pursue her love of organisation and striving for success. It was in this job that she found herself traveling to new corners of the world, meeting new people and discovering new fashion and beauty wonders.

With her love of travel and fashion combined into one she found herself sharing her findings with the world. In a sea of beautifully crafted pictures and interesting landscapes, Tina’s Instagram feed is most definitely not a sight for sore eyes. She manages to keep her content honest and approachable which allows her followers to see the world through her pictures. She comments that Instagram can sometimes be a toxic place, but feels no one should ever feel as if they need to compare themselves or their life to another’s. She believes in seeing people in a positive light and seeing others strive should empower you to strive for your own goals. She also mentioned how easy it is to be sucked into the Instagram comparison trap and commented, “I love and live in the luxury/lifestyle world and Social Media belongs to my life too. I know how it works and even me, I need to admit, have compared my life to other people. However, my advice is that as soon as you get to that point, try to stop yourself, reflect and turn it into inspiration instead.” This unique outlook allows her to stay grounded and keep her content honest and true to herself.

We often hear the words “find a job you love and it won’t feel like work” or something along those lines. For many that job description seems more like a place you go in your dreams than something to experience in your everyday life. Tina is grateful that she has found her dream profession but makes sure we know it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. “Working in a career which feels like a hobby is the best and most powerful job you could do. You should enjoy your work, but still be realistic about it because there will always be some stressful days ahead. I am very grateful for all those beautiful locations and people I was able to see and meet, but at the same time I did live out of my luggage and slept more in a plane than in my own bed. I love traveling and I am very good at being by myself, but your private/home life does change and you really need to learn what is good for you and what you want before starting something that might make you unhappy in the end. My advice is to start taking time for yourself, for me it’s being at the sea or sitting on a mountain cliff, no phone & no one else, just me, reflecting on what I want and how I could achieve it.” With the good comes the bad and Tina has experienced the life of a jet setter and although extremely grateful for the experiences knows what it’s like firsthand living away from everything she once knew as home.

Facing Page: Dress Yanina Couture, diamond necklace, ring & earrings Chanel.

In a luxury industry like the fashion world it’s often more about what you wear than who you are. Tina seems to look at every aspect of her life with grace and sensibility. When it comes to the luxury industry Tina is fully immersed, however, she sees the meaning of luxury as a “point of view.” She wisely states that “luxury doesn’t bring happiness. Even when you think those new shoes will make you happy the lust will soon wear off.” Given the fast-paced environment of the fashion industry, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between the lust and love, when it comes to purchasing those Valentino rock studs, which in reality will be worn twice because you had ankle surgery and can’t wear anything over 1cm in height for longer than 15 minutes. This isn’t to say Tina doesn’t consume luxury, she just does it in a sensible way that it more of an investment given the price tags of many luxury goods today.

Something tells me this isn’t the last we are going to hear about Tina and her aspirations in the fashion and business world so keep a lookout in the future and until then take some of her advice, Always try to stay positive, even if it may be hard once in a while, better things are always coming your way.

Watch Audemars Piguet, body ASKA, skirt & bag Manish Arora.


Photographed and filmed by Iris Brosch

Video Stephane Blanc

Video Editor Katalin Száraz

Make up & Hair stylist Alan Milroy

Stylist Tania Tuka

Retouching Maria Siorba

Special thanks to the hotel, RITZ Paris, for the location for this production.

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