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YOSHIOKUBO Groundfloor Mens SS20


Creative Director YoshioKubo guides us on a boat trip in Paris most famously known Seine river. Not only did the collections presentation location have a powerful meaning behind it but the brands concept is using technology developed during his childhood to create designs.

For his Spring/ Summer collection designer uses a revolutionary tool in order to present his creations. After walking into the boat on the Seine one sits down and puts on their Virtual Reality glasses and is taken on an expedition to a wooden walk-board runway on a relaxing beach somewhere in Japan. Viewers were intrigued and stunned by the accuracy of Virtual reality- the sounds of beach waves crashing down on the soft sand, the seagulls calls echoing in the distance, one could move all the way around and see the environment with a 360 view as if we were there. Yoshiokubo exquisitely proved that today, one can have a fashion show absolutely anywhere with VR.

Photography by Silvia Markevuciute

The title of this seasons collection is « BIG CATCH FLAG » as Yoshiokubo explains is a traditional Japanese fabric painted by hand with illustrations of fish. During his childhood this BIG CATCH FLAG was used as a cloth to drape around. He mentions that his Mother was born near a fishing port and often used this in order to wrap packages as a child. Hence, the sentimental meaning behind the location of the SS20 presentation on the water.

Referencing his Mother through his garments through the oversized Cotton Button-downs to keep cool, colorful big catch flags in brilliant Red, Blue, Green as bandanas and draped over the models, Jackets in Nylon with volumous pockets all over and cut outs, fish nets as necklaces or bracelets- classic shorts, black pants paired with gray flip flops to stay true to the Japanese beach vibe.

Due to BIG CATCH FLAG being the basis of this season, the designs were a rearranged look of the iconic fabric. Colors ranging from dazzling hues of luminous blue, white, yellow and ravishing red. One of the house codes is offering fine sewed yet comfortable everyday clothing. The creative Director undoubtedly demonstrates stylish comfortable designs with Japanese inspiration from his countries roots.

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