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LI-NING’s Spring / Summer 2020 collection was the brands second occasion to take place during Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The runway was set up to resemble a basketball court evoking sport vibes. The introduction of the show began with dim dark red lights and models walking down wearing Stefano Pilati’s take on Li-Ning’s Aurora 19. Followed by the cieling being uncovered from fabrics blocking the natural rays allowing gleaming sunlight as music began to play.

WOOYOUNGMI SS20 Men's Paris Fashion Week

The soundtrack included 90’s hip hop, Chinese soundtracks, current pop and Jazz setting the mood for this trendy Athletic label. For this season designer Li-Ning took inspiration from Ping-Pong referencing a sport China is enthusiastic about. The collection includes footwear, Accessories and attire.

WOOYOUNGMI SS20 Men's Paris Fashion Week

Monochromatic track suits paired with comfortable basketball sandals, oversized sweatpants, primary colored coats contrasted by volumous pants, vintage sweaters, large tote bags in hues of green, orange, white, chunky Athletic sneakers, retro sunglasses, bandanas and sweatbands as accessories all gave off nostalgia from the 90’s with a stylish modern twist.

WOOYOUNGMI SS20 Men's Paris Fashion Week

One of the codes of the brand is sports as the brand was founded by champion gymnast Li-Ning. The designs accurately mirror this fundamental code.

WOOYOUNGMI SS20 Men's Paris Fashion Week

The year 2020 will be the brands 30th anniversary happily portraying designs honoring the capabilities of the body yet staying true to Chinese culture.

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