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WOOYOUNGMI Mens Paris Fashion Week SS20


Creative Director Katie Chung takes us on a blast to the past of the post-war economic boom of 80’s Japan. She was inspired by the new musical soundtrack born during this time -City Pop swayed by American influence, several parts of Asia and a hint of Jazz urban pop. This soundtrack reflected a glamorous urban lifestyle. Although, Japanese people look back to it as naive music for urban professionals the new devoted generation took City pop into their hands and let it flourish to inspire a magnifient lifestyle.

Photography Shoji Fujii

The collection was shown at one of the most urban locations in Paris looking over the sparkling water of the Quai d’Austerlitz on Saturday June 22. The scene was covered in a colorful rainbow background with outlines of Palm trees setting the mood for the inspiration of the show. The perfect mix of past and present is the basis of WOOYOUNGMI SS20. It’s a new generation re-exploring old lanscapes from previous times. However, it’s never copied yet it’s a modern twist to a walk down memory lane.

Photography Shoji Fujii

Tailoring is the new look for the urban City streets on a hot summer day. Oversized Tshirts in colorful sunset hues, Cargo pants made in Nylon with volumous zippers, paired with impeccably tailored Jackets and sizable pocketed coats. In addition to classic Hawaiian shirts mirroring the set up of the runway full of Palm tree outlines the gleaming palettes of vibrant yellow and orange. The selection of tones were of course inspired by the artwork on the albums City Pop category. Plaid overcoats, light yellow-gray knitted sweaters, denims dipped halfway in neon blue dye, orange-green Tie-dye oversized long sleeve T-shirts, along with the stylish strappy shoes and chuunky sneakers.

Photography Shoji Fujii

The accessories included silver shaped palm trees, dollphins, large black hoop earrings, in collaboration with Portrait Report. In order to protect the eyes from the brilliant Summers day we can’t Forget the final touch of sunglasses by Andy Wolf.

Forget the typical business look and say hello to the new summer city look inspired by cool Asian streetstyle. The WOOYOUNGMI SS20 Man wears leather key chain USB’s, berets, Sunset colored bumbags with the words Paradise or Weekend love. The WYM man is ready to bring beachy vibes into the hectic urban lifestyle internationally.

Photography Shoji Fujii

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