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Luisa Beccaria « The Alchemy of Lightness » Couture Capsule AW19-20

Luisa Beccaria presented her wondrous Couture Capsule at the elegant Hôtel de Gesvres in Paris.

The presentation undoubtedly reflected the fundamentals of the House being romanticism, imaginative, and feminine.

Immediately after stepping into the room one felt as if they could be lost somewhere in a fairy tale Castle where at any moment a beautiful Princess would appear wearing her exquisite long gown, in hues of light pastels ranging from soft peony rose pink, baby blue, and gleaming white.

The setting included pillars, classic vintage paintings with frames in gold details, chandeliers sparkling from the reflection of the window open with the view of the enchanted garden, furniture in deep velvet red, white marble sculptures and to top it off one of the guests present included Lady Gabriella Windsor from the Royal English Family.

To the viewers pleasure there was of course, more than one Princess in this fairy tale story wearing her iconic gown or jumpsuit. Luisa Beccaria demonstrates the modern day female daydreamer.

Dresses in sheer pastel pink covered in floral/leaved detailed embroidery, exceptional quality fabric with outlined blossoming motifs in violet rose, pleated fluid floor-length attire in sunset yellow, magnificent colored capes some silver gleaming with the sunlight and the sound of the birds singing in the distance.

Not only did she focus on the very romantic dresses but included a jumpsuit tied right above the waist along with the splendid floral detailing. One can also not forget lace, volumous ruffles, impeccable construction of sheers and beaded specifics that set the dreamy mood for the reknown Italian Fashion House.

Luisa proved that her inspirations are poetry, art, and beauty. If fashion were a poem it would be Luisa Beccaria’s work alongside of her daughter Lucilla.

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