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5 W’s with Thistle and Spire Founder, Maggie Bacon

By: Patrick Duffy

I loved catching up with Maggie Bacon, Founder of Thistle & Spire. A Brooklyn-based lingerie company that specializes in making the wearer of each item look and feel fearless. Thistle and Spire’s show-stopping Medusa and Brooklyn Haze lines, launching today in expanded sizes and shades of nude, are designed to support women and the boundaries they push, elegantly and with sassy sophistication! On the cusp of their newest collection launch, Maggie shares her vision for the world of intimates that is designed to celebrate the beauty and bodies of all shapes, sizes, and colors. No, lie, I am in love with the serpents and will be ordering a custom pair of Medusa to shield my ’twig and berries' from all sorts of toxic masculinity.

WHO are you? And WHO are you designing for?

I am a New York-based fashion designer who is passionate about lingerie and uplifting people literally and figuratively through my designs. I am creating pieces for anyone who is looking for bold lingerie that makes them feel powerful, strong, and ready to conquer their day (or night).

WHAT do you want the world to know about your collection?

Our intimate team of only 5 has been working on this launch for over a year and we are so excited to finally share it with the world. Our team has obsessed over every last detail of this launch from researching our new nudes in the middle of a pandemic to sourcing new fit models to ensure our added sizes fit just right.

We’re committed to the continuous journey of inclusion; we aspire to elevate everyone regardless of size, shape, complexion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or ability. We’re constantly striving to evolve our collection to support more sizes and shades, and we know our work is far from finished.

WHEN does someone wear your designs?

Whenever they want! If you have a body and you feel great in our products, we are here for it. Our goal is to make all of our customers feel unstoppable whether they are wearing their T&S for a night in by themself or with a partner(s), to take a fierce selfie, or to slay it out on the town.

WHERE do you draw inspiration for redefining beauty in the lingerie world?

I know firsthand how powerful it is to see authentic representations of all different types of beauty having grown up in the '90s when the only people you saw modeling lingerie looked exactly the same. Over the last decade, I have been so inspired by countless individuals, models, influencers, and creators who have boldly taken up space and decided that they are enough and they are gorgeous. The result has been important for me and my own personal journey of finding self-worth and I want to continue to amplify that message for more people. I also draw so much inspiration from the trailblazing people who wear our pieces. Seeing our customers posting photos on their social media pages gives me so much life and motivation to keep going.

WHY and How are you putting “power” in every moment?

T&S is my life's work and I truly feel that I was meant to be empowering people through lingerie. By working hard and pursuing my dreams, I aim to create an uplifting work environment for our team and I hope to embolden others to pursue their dreams and live their most authentic lives.

Launching today, @thistleandspire introduces its "More to Love: New Sizes and Shades" campaign photographed by @heyjoegray, featuring its Medusa and Brooklyn Haze collections in sizes XS-3X, all in new nude options, as well as the new Medusa bikini. Get into it now! #thistleandspireplus #thistleandspirenudes

HMU: Natalia Thomas @duchessnatalia

HMU assistant: Nicolette Gold @nicolettegoldartistry

Photographer: Joe Gray @heyjoegray


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