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Highlighting a Sensual Greek Harvest

Patrick Michael Hughes Senior Fashion Editor

Photographs by Joey Leo

Celebrating the first week of Summer 2021

IRK re-visits some compelling and timeless images form the exhibition Harvest held at the Eleni Marneii Galerie in Athens, Greece. The work of a young ascending artist capturing the male image he has a unique mix of playful, sensual and fashionable imagry.

Joey Leo

...identifies as a new age, multi-artist with a focus on fashion & art photography.

‘Art is a complex universe’ Mr. Leo has circumvented the label ‘photographer ‘and still evolving to ‘any form artist.’

He describes his work as romantic yet erotic, provocative yet fragile, timeless yet it has a unique approach. Evidence of this is in the way his lens captures capturing people especially male forms. Leo is a lover of subliminal messages, however, key to his photographs are close connections with the ultimate goal of revealing an element that has always been present ‘waiting for the time and place to be captured.’ Further he believes “It’s not about your looks or your fierce jump shot, it’s all about the emotions or even a whole story that you can carry around in a single shot.” These are the signatures not only seen in his work as a photographer but successively as a filmmaker and as a music-composer.

“Harvest” Eleni Marneii GaIerie- Athens, Greece


Photography : Joey Leo / @_joeyleo_

Styling & Hat Curator : Michael Pandos / @2blemp

Hats : SAVAPILE / @savapile

Model : Iasonas Laios / @iasonas_laios

Agency : D Models Athens / @dmodelagency


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