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Actor Mason Versaw is Hands On

Mason Versaw is a 21-year-old actor from Ashtabula, Ohio. Growing up a theater kid, Versaw moved to New York in high school to focus on his acting career. He began his on-screen work with a few commercials and music videos, getting his start in television in 2021 in the drama Blue Bloods. Since, he can be spotted in Gossip Girl and tick, tick… BOOM!

However his first big roles include Casper in Sex Appeal and most recently, Jake C. in Netflix’s new BOO, BITCH mini-series.

We caught up with Versaw during his photo shoot for IRK.

Photographer: Carolina Salazar

Stylist: Branden Ruiz

Makeup: Valerie Vonprisk

Hair: Lana Hunter

Actor/Model: Mason Versaw

Shirt Sergio Velin

IRK: What do you like the most about your character in “Boo, Bitch"

What I like most about Jake C. would be what we discover towards the end of his arc. His growth and maturity as an individual. He takes quite a beating through the story from judgmental friends and also girlfriends who he rarely gets the chance to share actual quality time with due to relentless drama and toxicity. However, there comes a moment of realization where he sets aside his ego, reevaluates himself and knows he can no longer deny his reality, so he takes responsible action and cuts his toxic ties with Erika Vu by breaking up with her. I can’t help but celebrate and admire his journey to true self-respect.

Coat Sonia Carrasco

IRK: “Boo, Bitch”, Tell us about the show! love that name!

It’s a fun, off beat and quirky comedy about a high school senior who has been oppressed by the school’s queen bee but eventually seeks the opportunity one night to change her narrative and start living her best life until she wakes up the following morning to find out she’s a ghost! It’s a very bold and funny name to choose to be a title for a show but when you watch it’ll definitely make sense.

IRK: Of all the roles that you have played, which is your fave?

I mean I had such a blast being a sneaky investigative journalist on Gossip Girl, but honestly, the most fun would be Jake C. I got to be a simp and the kid we all knew in life who could never not be in a relationship. I had so much to work with in terms of detail and material not to mention an incredibly talented and supportive cast that sets the bar so high for further projects to come.

Coat Sonia Carrasco, Shirt Charles and Ron, Pant Sonia Carrasco, Shoe Dr Martens

IRK: When given a brand-new role, what steps do you take to approach it and research it?

Well, when kicking off the preparative process for a role, I tend to read the script several times and take notes. I figure out all there is to know about their personal life and routine. Obtaining as much detail and information helps me understand my character and feel a sense of confidence when stepping in their shoes.

IRK: What techniques do you use to create a believable character? Describe your acting style?

Typically, prior to most scenes, I do a fair amount of sensory exercises that assist in grounding me in the imaginative scenario I anticipate being in. I do typically aim to be as grounded and true as I can whenever I can in the way I behave as a character. I actually had a note from casting when they were interested in me to read it more comedically because I was reading it too serious and dramatically and if you’ve seen the vibe of this show you know how unfitting that might’ve been lol.

Shirt Sergio Velin, Pants Daniel W Fletcher, Shoe Barollo

IRK: What memorable moment stands out from your time spent on the “Boo, Bitch” set?

Our cast couldn’t get enough of one another.. ever. Sometimes there would be periods of long waiting so we would hop in the honey wagons and open the doors to expand the room and just vibe together with music and good laughs. I can’t lie, the friendships were truly the greatest thing I walked away with.

IRK: Favorite musicians RN, Fave Song RN.

I mean my all-time favorite musicians are the indie rock band Her’s, but my go to song at the moment is Headphones by Maude Latour.

IRK: Go-to coffee order?

I try to stay away from coffee cause me and her don’t mix well haha. BUT I love a mean Chai Latte.

IRK: Celebrity crush?

Anya Taylor-Joy! Ugh she has my heart.

Coat Sonia Carrasco, Shirt Charles and Ron, Pant Sonia Carrasco, Shoe Dr Martens

IRK: Who is your inspiration when it comes to acting?

Heath Ledger and Daniel Day Lewis. What inspired me to be an actor was seeing how transformative they could be in their roles and how bold and courageous they were with how they could work their presence in a scene.

IRK: Describe your style in one word.

“Lacking” – according to my stylish and hot as hell brother, but really, I’d say “comfy.”

Coat Sonia Carrasco, Shoe Dr Martens, Shorts Hood By Air

IRK: Favorite place that you have traveled.

I actually have never traveled outside of the States, but I’m excited for my upcoming trip this year to visit my brother who works as an ESL teacher in Spain.

IRK: What suggestion would you give to young aspiring actors?

My advice to aspiring actors would be mainly a reminder to only pursue acting because it’s a passion of yours and you truly have fun when doing it because that’s only when it is ever worth doing. Otherwise, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, which leads you to live a lie by not living truly as yourself and this will only bring toxicity and misery to your being.

Shirt Weisheng Paris, Vest Sergio Velin


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