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BABY YORS's "Mundo al Revés" is shaking Things Up

The up-and-coming New York-based musician Baby Yors has fascinated us with his music which gracefully blends influences and styles from different genres such as pop, rock, and soul.

The artist first grabbed our attention by the cover of his song “Mother” a quite comical representation of himself as a baby breastfeeding from a woman. The colorful themes of his videos play an important role in portraying his whimsical, yet, profound artistic language. Growing up being artistic and gay in a small town in Argentina also plays an important theme in his music.

Pants ZELL, shirt Cross for Gods

Baby Yors's latest music video, "Mundo Del Revés" is the visual accompaniment to his first-ever Spanish-language single, the production was a collaboration with CAM4, an erotic adult video site that's had to fight against censorship.

The artist describes it as:

A combined effort to draw attention to our culture's hypocritical demonization of pleasure and sex-positivity, and in the fantasy world of "Mundo Del Revés," where all is turned upside down, a channel like CAM4 is reimagined as a popular TV network where we can be true to our natural desires.

We had an insightful interview with Baby Yors about his inspiration and journey as a musician, this interview which will be featured on our upcoming issue available March 1st.

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Photographer Robbie Joseh

Stylist Aaron Gomez

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