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Barbara Bui’s Empowering SS24

Photos courtesy of Barbara Bui

Right at the commencement of fashion week, in the heart of Paris, Barbara Bui showcased her latest collection, for Spring-Summer 2024. With a high dose of chic, the collection mixes tailored yet relaxed suits with stylish summer patterns and sophisticated graphics.

IRK Magazine admired the skill by which Barbara Bui transformed the traditional suit to a women's silhouette in this latest collection, creating irreverent but classic and stylish looks. The suit jacket, with its masculine influence, is intentionally oversized to achieve a boyish-chic aesthetic or slightly fitted and straight for a distinctive, timeless appearance. It is paired with high-waisted pants that can be pleated or in a rock-couture-style cigarette cut. Additionally, one can opt for a generously sized dress shirt made of cotton poplin or a tailored suit waistcoat, both meticulously crafted following the precise standards of tailoring expertise.

The color palette of the clothes ranges from elegant black and white to beige, tones of brown, and pastels until arriving to bright bright pink and green. There are denim pieces and metallic silver clothes that mix perfectly everyday looks to a night on the town. The unexpected addition to the collection was a variety of prints that injected a pop touch with animal, flower, and more modern abstract themes influenced by the 1970s, giving the collection an elegant summer effect.

Photos courtesy of Barbara Bui

Bags are a highlight of this spring-summer collection. Barbara Bui presented a variety of styles ranging from a traditional bag with simple and delicate lines to an influence of streetwear and an embrace of a utilitarian style with baguettes consisting of several pockets.

All of these with metallic and shiny fabric that make the bag the highlight of the outfit completing a sophisticated look that always catches the eye, reflecting the real Barbara Bui identity. A look is not complete without fabulous shoes, which are shown in a variety of styles ranging from classic stilettos to an outstanding selection of leather boots and heels with closed tips and open backs that can easily fit with every outfit and situation that the modern woman's daily life presents.

All of these aspects combined create a unified vision of dressing to empower women and unlimited opportunities for self-expression.


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