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Ben Bakson: German Village to the Global Stage

In the vibrant landscape of contemporary music, one name is currently setting the dance floors ablaze – Ben Bakson. Heralded as the country's hottest young DJ, Bakson is poised to headline the 2024 GRAMMY Celebration® After-Party, unleashing his signature melodic house, dance, and tech house beats at the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 4.

Bakson's journey to the GRAMMY spotlight began with a humble start in a small German village, where his early passion for music took root. The beats of Berlin beckoned, and he found himself immersed in music production. What started as a hobby evolved into a burgeoning career, fueled in no small part by a robust social media following. His trajectory took a significant turn after attending the previous year's GRAMMY Awards® and Celebration After-Party.

The catalyst for his ascent was not just his original compositions but also his standout remixes, including the recent reimagining of Ana Mena's "Madrid City." His knack for reworking iconic hits from the likes of Whitney Houston, Bryan Adams, and Cutting Crew further established him as a creative force. For Bakson, vocals are not just a component; they are the soul of every song. "I want people on my dance floor to feel hope, love, and confidence," he asserts. "Nothing is as powerful as music. It changes emotions. It changes people. It changes the world. Music is the only common language we have."

Thrilled to headline the 2024 GRAMMY Celebration® After-Party, Bakson sees the night as a pinnacle in his career. The anticipation is met with meticulous preparation, as Bakson envisions the musical journey he will craft for the audience.

Bakson shares a sneak peek into the setlist, hinting at remixes from Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift, along with potential tributes to past GRAMMY winners like Beyonce and Whitney Houston. The aim is to create an experience that resonates with the audience and pays homage to the rich history of the music industry.

Acknowledging the nerves that come with playing in front of industry heavyweights, Bakson draws on past experiences performing for massive crowds in Brazil and Spain. Undoubtedly, this event stands out as his most important gig to date, but he asserts, "I've worked for this, and I'm ready."

The stylistic elements of Bakson's performance extend beyond the music. Collaborating with The Room Miami, he unveils his outfit for the night – a custom-made Pearl Suit from James 113, Alexander McQueen loafers, and a diamond necklace from Etalon.

As the GRAMMY spotlight beckons, Bakson's sights are already set on a promising future. Booked to headline major events around the world, he envisions adding renowned stages like ULTRA or Tomorrowland to his tour schedule. With 2024 shaping up to be a stellar year, Bakson's journey is far from reaching its crescendo.

On February 4, 2024, Bakson will take center stage at the 2024 GRAMMY Celebration® After-Party in the Los Angeles Convention Center.


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