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Bergen County Horse Rescue

The Bergen County Horse Rescue (BCHR ) was founded in 2016 with the sole purpose of helping horses in need. BCHR called upon the help of local animal control officers and veterinarians to assist in the care of rescues. They strive to provide a safe, loving environment for horses so they can be free to interact with each other and with volunteers and many visitors to the farm.

The BCHR started at a boarding facility, Mahrapo Farm Stables, in 1981. At that time, many people realized that the 17 acres of farmland was special and wanted to honor and preserve it.

At that time, the location of the farm was prime territory for major development and was sought by local and state developers. After a prolonged initiative, the 17 acres were preserved so that the sacred land would never be threatened.   

They care for these horses who have been left with no place to go, or who have been mistreated or lacking real love or even basic care. Their mission is caring for horses mind, body and soul and this is exactly what all BCHR is doing for each and every rescue, giving them a better life.

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Sponsored by the Louis D. Srybnik Foundation


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