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Best of Paris FW SS 2021 / Day 5-7

It was a creative weekend for Paris' Fashion Week with humorous, metaphorical and playful fashion films to entice us into the next season of fashion. Here are IRK's top picks chosen both for their inspiring presentations and clothing.


Thom browne women’s and men’s spring 2021 collection is presented live from 239,000 miles above the earth, in celebration of the first lunar olympic games in 2032. This satirical fashion film takes us to the moon with a commentators suggestion all while being shot in LA's Coliseum. This may not be the event of the millennium but it is IRK's favorite Fashion Films for this Paris Fashion Week.


This metaphorical fashion film presents a classic and enticing collection in motion. "What if the clothing becomes our habitat? What if what we wear entices motion and emotions, elating the spirit while suggesting a reassuring coziness, the pleasurable comfort of staying inside? Side C, the transformative look at classics that focuses on the layers and the in-betweens of clothing, finds another dimension: a flowing, dynamic one."


Choosing "MULAN" as the theme of the Spring-Summer 2021 Collection, SHIATZY CHEN is driven by both the iconic female figure Mulan and her brave persona that evolves into the style of contemporary women 's fashion. 


This "UNPACK THE COMPACT" collection takes the concept of the collection - when things change, our perception also changes - and presents it from different angles by integrating stop motion animations into the parade and placing them back as part of an exhibition.


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