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Between Light & Shadow: Andrew Clancey's 'Do or Die' Collection

“Do or Die” collection, Video courtesy of Any Old Iron. Music I fink U freeky Die Antwoord.

Andrew Clancey’s latest creation, the “Do or Die” collection by Any Old Iron, compellingly captures the essence of life's most significant moments. This collection, revealed through a stark monochrome palette, artistically contrasts the joy of weddings with the solemnity of funerals. Each garment, crafted in either pure black or white, serves as a canvas that evokes the deep emotions tied to these universal experiences. The choice of colors not only emphasizes the emotional impact of each piece but also reflects the profound duality of celebration and mourning inherent in human life.


The launch of Andrew Clancey's "Do or Die" collection was brought to life in a compelling black and white video, directed by Max Hsu. The film features Gwynith Smith from the Nashville Ballet and model Amau Deng, whose performances beautifully illustrate the emotional spectrum of human life. Their dance interprets the themes of the collection, transitioning gracefully between moments of joy and sorrow. This artistic melding of ballet and high fashion not only amplifies the visual allure of the garments but also imbues them with a deeper, story-driven significance. The choreography and fashion together create a narrative that resonates with the viewers, making each piece memorable and impactful.

The phrase "Do or Die" evokes a sense of urgency and decisiveness. It suggests a scenario where extreme measures are taken or significant risks are faced, with the outcome likely being either total success or complete failure. In the context of fashion, such a dramatic name could symbolize a bold departure from convention, challenging the norms and embracing a high-stakes approach to design and expression. It conjures up images of a collection that isn't just about aesthetic appeal but also about making a powerful, potentially transformative statement.


Andrew Clancey, the visionary designer behind "Do or Die," delves into the profound emotional landscape of human rites and ceremonies. He describes his creative motivation as an exploration into the dual aspects of beauty and pain that accompany our most significant life events. The collection, characterized by its stark black and white garments, invites wearers to fully engage with the range of human emotions. Clancey’s work emphasizes the solemnity of black and the purity of white, encouraging a deep, personal connection to the symbolic moments these colors represent in our lives.


Now exclusively available at Any Old Iron’s boutique and its official website, the "Do or Die" collection presents garments that are as expressive as they are stylish. Designed for those who seek to make a statement with their wardrobe, these pieces are more than just clothing—they are narratives in fabric form. Andrew Clancey challenges the conventional boundaries of fashion, inviting wearers to reflect on the life rituals that define and shape our existence. His designs are a call to appreciate the profound impact of our most significant moments through the art of fashion.


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