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Breaking The Basket: On fabric uppers made with Caire

A handbag is a signature staple for a capsule collection, but what damage is seasonal renew wreaking on our environment? The world is paying the high price of regular material consumption, which further fuels fast and cheap overproduction of lines across the fashion industry. Only an eye for sustainable solutions from factory floor to cutting and fitting, can holistically solve and assure a future of fairer, crafted fashion goods.

Our story starts with the creative direction and drive of Parisian fashion duo, Anna and Paul Finelli. The pair founded an accessory brand with the decisive plan to develop a highly adapted, durable collection of bags and small leather- like goods. Thus, a modern and fresh take on the basket bag was born.

The look and function of the bags appears deeply rooted in the Finelli's past experiences as designers and creatives working intensively in the fashion industry. The bags have a distinctive style that would surely turn heads in the fashion world. In the case of sac Turbigo, it give the Jane Birkin's classic and cool basket bag, a true update and modern challenge. A combination of cactus fibre linen, chocolate leather strap and strong yet subtle metal gold detailing, it's uniquely riven with modern metallics and yet, totally day wear friendly.

Many may imitate, but it is quite the feat to innovate. In conversation with Paul Finelli, he explained their initial concept is to develop a bag with "Elegance at an innovative forefront... to create beautiful bags that will stand the test of day to day life". The classic collection includes the styles Sébastepol, Turbigo, Aboukir and Cléry; each using a distinct style, look and textural experience.

If you wondered, the name "Caire" springs from the pentagonal shaping of the bags, designed to provide ample space and original look. As Finelli explained, the name alludes to more than just their concern and active interest in sustainable futures, blending their attitude towards plant based based fabrics, care for the environment and ultimate design conscious finish.

Beyond their initial trapezium design, the collection expands into full sized workwear bags, for day to night elegance in an increasing array of colours. Finelli explains "we wanted to find the most durable fabric and use environmentally sound techniques for dyeing and crafting the bag designs." They use a vegan leather company in Portugal to make the plant based blend, which truly feels as buttery, smooth and appealing as it's leather counterpart. You can learn more about the process here

As Caire looks towards a new season of bags and accessories, Finelli is pleased to inform IRK that trials in the fabric dyeing process have been successful. He assures that we will find "emerald green, striking reds and many more colour surprises in our next collection". For any brand, dyeing the perfect blend is essential to their next move in the fast paced world of fashion. It is intriguing and satisfying to find a brand that carefully assess these processes, building towards a sustainable product with conscious touches at all . As they grow, it will be interesting to see these values stick.

If you would like to hear more about vegan leather products and experience for yourself, a concept store, Maro Maro, has recently opened on 43 Rue Charlot, 70005, Paris. Located in La Marais district, this store holds collective works from brands following vegan leather crafts from apple skin, grape and more. Sustainable creations just waiting to be snapped up. You can find out more here.


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