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Casablanca: Venus as a Boy FW 2024 Collection

Casablanca's newest collection, "Venus as a Boy," is a captivating journey through time and imagination, seamlessly blending historical inspiration with contemporary fashion sensibilities. At its core, the collection explores the interplay between past and present, inviting audiences to reconsider the linear progression of time and embrace the richness of ancient Greece's cultural heritage. This introspective approach sets the stage for the collection's overarching theme of reimagination, as exemplified by its namesake drawn from the Bjork song.

The title “Venus as a Boy”, serves as a metaphor for reimagination, echoing the fusion of classical elegance and modern innovation that defines the designs. The brand’s founder and creative director, Charaf Tajer, has a personal connection to the music and its themes adds depth to the collection, infusing show with a sense of authenticity and emotional resonance.

Inspired by “mysterious Eleusinian mysteries”, the collection transcends mere replication of antiquity, presenting a refined narrative that underscores the enduring relevance of ancient Greek philosophy, architecture, and culture. Through a blend of philosophy and architecture coupled with Casablanca's distinctive psychedelic identity, the collection becomes a captivating mosaic that bridges the gap between past wisdom and contemporary sophistication.

This ethereal collection highlights two exciting collaborations: one with renowned artist Jeff Hamilton, known for his iconic leather jackets. The other collaboration being with Ancient Greek Sandals, a brand celebrated for its craftsmanship and design innovation. These collaborations further enrich the collection, infusing it with a fresh perspective and artistic flair.

From tailored suits and blazers with ancient Greek-inspired draping to one-sleeve dresses crafted from cutting-edge fabrics, this collection offers a diverse range of garments that blend ancient motifs with modern silhouettes. With its incorporation of various textures and highlights like packable coats and varsity jackets, the collection embraces ancient Greece as a hub for new beginnings, offering a unique and compelling vision of contemporary fashion.

Overall, Casablanca’s “Venus as a Boy” Automne-Hiver 2024 runway show  effectively communicates the conceptual depth and creative ambition of the brands Autumn/Winter 2024 collection, inviting audiences to embark on a transformative journey through time and style.

Watch the full show here:


Show Credits:

Director: Charaf Tajer @charaftajer

Art Director: Steve Grimes @steviegrimes

Production by: La Mode En Images @lamodeenimages

Show styled by: Helena Tejedor @helenatejedor

Casting by: Anita Bitton - Establishment

Makeup by: Masaé ITO

Hair by: Karim Belghiran

Choreography by: Sadeck Berrabah-Show

publicity by: Lede Company

Press by: Purple PR US & UK-Sales

represented by: UpNext, Axiom & Diptrics



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