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Childhood Pastels Meet High Fashion- Interview with Artist Nina Weil

I was lucky enough to stumble across Nina’s work through a mutual friend/sister combo, and boy I’m lucky I did. Nina Weil is an artist like no other, creating and cultivating dreamy work with passion for fashion and her iPad.

Digital art has transformed how we view culture and inspiration, physically we don’t have to attend a building with creations hung on a wall. Instead we take that small device that fits in our pockets and scroll for hours taking in everything from photography to dance. This modern take on art allows young artists and creatives like Nina to produce content on their own terms and connect with an audience internationally. In a time where we cant physically be there, we can still digitally be there and have the opportunity to explore creativity outside of our own realms.

IRK is lucky enough to have interviewed this inspiring young artist and find out more about the digital art world. So buckle up IRK readers and find out for yourself why I’ve got my instagram notifications turned on for her page! ( her insta so you can turn them on too - @nina.w.artwork)

Custom piece of IRK Black Velvet editorial by Nina Weil

Introduce yourself! Who is Nina Weil?

Hi! I’m a 26 y/o Graphic Designer who got bored and started painting on Procreate. A slightly more Introvert-leaning Ambivert, who doesn’t need anything more than a good book and a night in to keep me happy.

How would you describe your creative style?

Child-like pastels meets high fashion.

I love the vibe and texture that the pastels provide, and I’m also a fashion lover, I have no self control when it comes to a pair of beautiful boots and a well tailored jacket (I have so many!). So instead of spending all my money on these beautiful objects of desire that I actually want to own but can’t, I do the next best thing, I paint them.

How and why did you get into digital painting/art?

I set myself a new years goal for 2020 that I would learn how to digitally paint. My partner had bought an iPad and Apple Pencil about 7 months prior, and I’d been skeptical of the purchase since I didn’t really know what an amazing tool it could be to create art. Watching him create amazing artworks for his murals using Procreate peaked my interest, and I decided to set myself the goal to learn.

On top of that, I was feeling really stagnant with my professional Graphic Design work, so I really wanted to find an outlet that inspired me, and was just my little creative space where I could put my creations out into the world.

Custom piece of IRK editorial by Nina Weil

What is the thing you most enjoy about creating?

A couple of things, there’s this really special moment in the creation process where all the different elements snap together and it’s so satisfying to see the artwork turn out like how you imagined it would, whether it’s the face of a subject turning out well (faces are the most difficult part!) Or just seeing the colours melding beautifully with each other.

The other thing would be just having full control over the direction and choices I make with my artwork. I love the fact that the choices in my subject matter and my chosen medium are all mine. Too often in life it can feel like I’m loosing control over my choices and options (especially this year with the Pandemic and the uncertainty that has come with it) so this is my way of regaining that control using my creative voice.

Do you ever experiment with different mediums? If so what is your favourite one?

Definitely. I was a big art nerd in my teen years, so I’ve tried pretty much any kind of physical painting mediums you can think of; acrylics, pastels, sketching, watercolour, charcoal, large scale painting on the side of my house…as well as experimenting with digital art using the Adobe products in my university years, but 2020 is the first time I’ve actually stuck with any of the above. I just love the control that the iPad & Procreate give me over the final result, whilst emulating the actual physical, tactile nature of the pastels and not loosing any of the beautiful texture. Also, the Graphic Designer in me secretly loves the fact that I can essentially hit command-z on any mistakes I make. I’m currently practising trying to transfer my style into physical pastel pieces, but it’s a work in progress.

Product Artwork by Nina Weil

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

Pure creation is just such a joy to experience, maybe that’s why I physically can’t stop myself from creating a new piece every day. It’s an addiction.

Do you have a piece that you're most proud of?

I have two. They’re both illustrations of Jacquemus clothing pieces (my total fashion crush by the way) and I feel like they both signal turning points in my style. One was my first time playing around with crayon & pastel textures, and I was so pleased with the results that I just kept doing it. The second one came a few months after that, and I was kind of creating it half heartedly, not really concentrating, watching tv at the same time, and near the end of it I actually paid attention and realised it was actually really beautiful. It was my first time messing around with my interpretation of backgrounds, what textures to use for them and how to fake them. I still love that piece so much, it’s my phone background.

Jacquemus Artwork by Nina Weil

As an artist, what are some struggles you deal with?

Comparison. It really is the thief of joy. This totally bleeds into my Graphic Design job too. Sometimes I find an inspiring artists work and unless you’re actively stopping your mind from going into this rabbit hole, it’s so easy to start thinking “Why doesn’t my artwork turn out like this? Am I a failure? I’ll never create anything that evocative and beautiful.” When my mind goes down that route, I’ll take a wee break from social media and try to get some perspective.

Do you have any future plans/goals for your work? If so what are they?

I’d love to start collaborating with fashion labels looking for a fresh take on Fashion Illustration ideally.

Hopefully I’ll also start directing my own photoshoots too (my partner is a fantastic photographer so I’ll get him involved), directed with the specific intention to be illustrated/painted as the final output. I already have all these ideas and directions for my own shoots, I just haven’t had the time to put them together yet.

For now I’m just going to keep creating what vibes with me, and if it resonates with other people, that’s even better.

Product Artwork by Nina Weil

Who is your muse?

It’s less one muse, and more the fact that I’m inspired by these creative powerhouse fashion labels everyday. The level of creativity in the world is astounding if you know where to look. My two favourites that inspire me are definitely Jacquemus, and Cult Gaia. They’re both creating genuinely strange & fantastical but also classy & timeless pieces, which is exactly the kind of clothes I tend to lust after, and I have to stop myself from painting them every single day.

Custom piece of IRK editorial by Nina Weil

Follow Nina and her endeavours here!


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