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Cristina Cristina Imagined by Miranda Penn Turin

Wearing: Coat, @allsaints, Gloves, Vintage at Curated by NM, Skirt, @wolford, Earrings, Vintage at Curated by NM, Tights, @wolford

Wearing: Coat, Custom by Timothy Snell, Bodysuit, @nakedwardrobe, Jeans, @paige, Shoes, @chanel

Talent: Cristina Ferrare @cristinacooks at Iconic Focus @iconicfocus

Photographer: Miranda Penn Turin @mirandapennturin

Stylist: Nonja Mckenzie @nonjamckenzie

Makeup: Riku Campo @makeupbyrikucampo using CHANEL makeup @welovecoco at See Management @seemanagement

Hair: Louise Moon @louisemoonhair at Cloutier Remix Agency @cloutierremix Using Oribe Hair Care @oribe

Location: Mad City Studios @madcitylastudios

In a sit-down with IRK Magazine, Cristina Ferrare reflects on her return to modeling, driven by her children and the changing dynamics of the fashion world. Sharing poignant memories, favorite shoots, and her evolving perspective on beauty and self-worth, Farrare's insights shed light on the industry's transformation. The conversation further expands as makeup artist Riku Campo discusses beauty and dietary choices, and photographer Miranda Penn Turin delves into Ferrare's artistic expressions and potential foray back into acting.

Left/Right: Kaftan, Vintage at Curated by NM, Pants, @aliceandolivia, Earrings, Vintage at Curated by NM, Shoes, @manoloblahnik

IRK: What inspired you to return to the modeling world after all these years?

Cristina: My kids! I have always told them that when an opportunity shows up on your doorstep, you must explore it. It can lead to a new chapter in your life. When this opportunity arose, they called me on my philosophy and said, “Mom, this can be a new chapter in your life.” 

IRK: How has the modeling industry changed since you started, and what do you think has remained the same?

Cristina: I don’t recognize it anymore! It’s not a judgment, but it’s different. In the '60s, ’70s, and ’80s, you worked with fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Diane Von Furstenberg, Halston, and Givenchy, to name a few. I have to say. However, I like this whole new laidback attitude towards make-up, hair, and fashion, and no, I don’t feel I’m too old to wear the latest fashion sense. The only thing that remains the same is your special connection with the photographer while looking into the lens! I still feel it!

IRK: Who was your favorite legendary photographer to work with?

Cristina: I worked with many extraordinarily talented photographers and LOVED working with legendary Francesco Scavullo. I shot many campaigns, editorials for Vogue and several covers for Cosmopolitan Magazine; he always prepared the best lunches. He was Italian, so we bonded over food and family!

Left/Right: Fur Shrug, Vintage at Curated by NM, Shirt, @calvinklein, Skirt, @aliceandolivia, Earrings, Vintage at Curated by NM,

Shoes, @masionmargiel

IRK: What has been your most cherished cover shoot to date?

Cristina: “Good Housekeeping,” magazine. I appeared on the cover whenever I had a child, and I have three daughters. I have magazine covers of me holding each of my babies when they were infants!

IRK: Can you share some challenges you face as an older model in a predominantly youth-oriented industry?

Cristina: Getting out of bed in the morning!


IRK: How has your perspective on beauty and self-confidence evolved?

Cristina: Well, for one thing, I’m okay with going out in public without makeup or having to dress up. I love schlepping around in my exercise clothes and comfortable sneakers. I don’t need to present a perfect front. I am finally comfortable in my skin! It’s very freeing! As you grow older and adjust to the changes that life throws at you, you become more confident and self-assured and develop a sense of self-worth, which is freeing!

IRK: Do you think the fashion industry is becoming more inclusive of older models and diverse beauty standards?


Cristina: I can see it all over social media, commercials, and fashion magazines. Brands are highly aware of how important the market for Women over 50 is.

Left/Right: Coat, @allsaints, Gloves, Vintage at Curated by NM, Skirt, @wolford, Earrings, Vintage at Curated by NM, Tights, @wolford

IRK: Could you tell us about some of your most memorable moments or experiences in your modeling career? 

Cristina: I had the opportunity to go to Milan to do the collections! It was Italy, food and fashion, need I say more! Being invited to the Met Gala with Halston in New York was a special thrill.

IRK: What keeps you motivated and passionate about modeling at this stage of your life?


Cristina: I love it, I love it! It feels natural to me. This sounds corny, but I come alive in front of a camera. I can step into my world, making my fantasy. It feels so good to have the opportunity to do it again!

IRK: Do you want to explore or promote fashion trends or styles as a mature model?

Cristina: It’s so eclectic out there. I gravitate towards what catches my eye! I love patterns, and you can mix and match them with bold colors, oversized pants, and tops! It seems nowadays, you can be who you want to be. No one should ever dictate who you are. I am equally excited to explore promoting any organic, healthy, eco-friendly product that generally fosters well-being.

Wearing: Coat, @allsaints, Bodysuit, @nakedwardrobe, Skirt, @wolford, Earrings, Vintage at Curated by NM, Tights, @wolford,

Shoes, @chanel, Glasses, @ditaeyewear

Wearing: Bodysuit, @nakedwardrobe

IRK: As our planet grapples with global warming and climate change challenges, we've collaborated with the United Nations to address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Which of these goals resonate most deeply with you? Additionally, do you actively support any philanthropic causes close to your heart?

Cristina: GOOD HEALTH & WELL BEING. I am a NY Times best-selling author and have written six cookbooks to promote healthy eating. My last book, “Food for Thought,” is intended to nurture brain, heart, and gut health. This book was ignited by my support of the “Women’s Alzheimer’s Association,” which has been close to my heart since my mother and best friend passed away from this dreaded disease.

I support “The Multiple Myeloma Foundation.” Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma of the blood. I am a Myeloma patient to help get the word out about this disease. I’ve been in remission for seven years. It’s not curable yet, but it's manageable.

ZERO HUNGER. We support and partake in the Safe Passages Project to provide food and services to families in need in our community.

IRK: What advice would you give to aspiring models who might be hesitant due to their age?

Cristina: For sure, go for it! It would be best never to let your age factor in anything you wish to achieve. The good news is that young models can look forward to a long and prosperous career. Until recently, it was rare to see a model over forty celebrated in the media.

Left/Right: Dress, @halston, Coat, Custom by Timothy Snell, Bangles, Vintage at Curated by NM, Earrings, @neimanmarcus

Riku: You have written seven successful cookbooks and been on many TV talk shows talking and cooking. What is your most important food advice when eating healthy and making the right choices at home or a restaurant?

Cristina: My last cookbook, “Food for Thought,” released in 2018, was rated #1 on Amazon for Brain Health. It’s simple: I eat organic, and it’s a must that you eliminate two things from your diet: hydrogenated oil, meaning any oil that solidifies at room temperature, and processed sugars. Today, most restaurants offer healthy choices.

Riku: Were there any makeup tricks that makeup artists taught you while you worked in Paris and Milan in the 70s that you still use today?

Cristina: Way Bandy, the #1 make-up artist in New York, taught me not to smudge my mascara when applying it to my bottom lashes. You fold a tissue under your bottom lashes, gently brush on the mascara, then gently remove the tissue. You should have a clean base with no smudges.

Left/Right: Coat, Custom by Timothy Snell, Bodysuit, @nakedwardrobe, Jeans, @paige, Shoes, @chanel

Miranda: Cristina, you can express emotions wordlessly with the subtlest changes in expression. Would you ever consider a return to acting?

Cristina: I’ve been asked many times. I feel you must do what you are passionate about, and acting wasn’t it. I didn’t have a fire in my belly for it. I never felt comfortable acting on a sound stage like I do when working with a live studio audience on a sound stage, doing what I do best: talking!!!

Miranda: You are such a foodie! Food-wise, what is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Cristina: Cherry pie, vanilla Ice cream, and salt and vinegar potato chips.

Miranda: You're in such fantastic shape - do you follow any specific exercise regime?

Cristina: I walk two and a half miles five days a week while walking; I do my arm exercises with my two-pound weights. I followed by stretching and leg exercises. Then, I meditate for ten minutes. It starts my day on a positive note. I have become addicted to the whole routine, and it’s changed my attitude, body, and health.

In her conversation, Cristina Ferrare beautifully illustrates that age is merely a backdrop in the fashion world's narrative. With insights spanning decades and enriched by contributions from Riku Campo and Miranda Penn Turin, Ferrare's enduring spirit and authenticity remind us that true passion transcends time.

Left/Right: Coat, Custom by Timothy Snell, Bodysuit, @nakedwardrobe, Jeans, @paige, Shoes, @chanel



IRK Collaboration x Miranda Penn Turin



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