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Dawei Spring/Summer 2023

Once again, Dawei impressed the public with its Spring/Summer 2023 collection “The magnificent daily” , shown at the Palais de Tokyo during Paris Fashion Week. The brand combined sophisticated silhouettes with a practical, everyday vibe and created a vision of minimalism and sophistication.

Magnificent and modest, ancient and modern, vintage and trendy, these seemingly opposing contexts have been infused with fresh vibrancy and energy as a result of unexpected encounters and combinations.

Bright but not conspicuous hues like light yellow, green-gray, light green, solar orange, bright pink, and others appeared one after the other on the runway. Grayscale was used to get rid of the extraneous elements, but it also left a strong aftertaste. The viewers could also witness large prints scattered throughout the fascinating hues. IRK learned that the almost abstract geometric patterns are actually a blurred reprocessing of concrete photographs, supposed to make the fabric look like a canvas.

We are convinced Dawei's constant quest of practicality has been fully realized in the textiles. IRK was happy to hear that besides more conventional fabrics like poplin, denim, and silk the designer introduces an eco-friendly fabric into this years collection. A taffeta-like texture manufactured from recycled yarns that were crushed and taken from recycled Coke bottles. As we could witness on the runway, the new fabrics characteristics provided a strong sensation of movement that balanced the couture silhouette's refinement while also making it exceptionally light and agile.

We loved to see the collection's wide sleeves, flowing skirts, hemlines that drop at the sides of the body, geometric lines that radiate from the waist, pleats that drape from the fabric, and cocoon silhouettes that wrap the body. The Designer showed that fashion and even couture does not always have to be rigid and controlling. It may be simple, carefree, and organic while highlighting femininity and integrating it with everyday life.


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