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Discover Lauren Altman’s Unique World Where Fashion Meets Artistry

Lauren Altman, a versatile multimedia artist, is making a name for herself in the fashion and art worlds with her brand, Lauren Altman Studio. Altman has merged her wealth of experience spanning the realms of fine art and fashion by upcycling and converting jumpsuits, shoes, jackets, dresses, and so much more into dynamic, wearable works of art. Discover the captivating intersection of fashion and artistic expression within Altman's one-of-a-kind creations.

Her distinctive clothing is known to quickly sell out at various pop-up events and third-party retailers, frequently showcasing empowering and positive messages, such as "I heal," "I grow," and "I mend." These affirmations are intricately sewn, pinned, or embroidered onto the clothing alongside a captivating collage of imagery, often featuring archetypal elements like rivers, skeletons, and plants, all intermingled with abstract painterly splashes, drips, and strokes of vibrant colors like hot pinks, oranges, fluorescent greens, shimmering golds, and sky blues. Each of her collections create a harmonious fusion of playful, fashion-forward aesthetics with timeless, utilitarian silhouettes reminiscent of worker attire, organically cutting through gendered tropes about work, play, and emotion. 

Her initial foray into the fashion world began in her hometown of Minneapolis with a unique apprenticeship under the guidance of her parents' tailor, Chavéz Custom Clothiers. Carlos Chavéz is known for crafting mid-century business suits and, somewhat ironically, equestrian apparel (despite the family's lack of equestrian interests). Under Carlos's mentorship, Altman gained hands-on experience in fabrics, sourcing, pleating techniques, fashion illustration, and developing client relationships to evolve their custom wardrobes.

In recent years, Lauren Altman has embarked on journeys to culturally rich destinations like Mexico City and Chennai, India. While completing her MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Art at the University of Pennsylvania, she received a scholarship to attend an artist residency in Chennai with UPenn's South Asia Center. While there, Altman created video art looking at the life cycles of garments and another work using upcycled fabrics collected from the cutting room floor of women's tailor shops. These works later appeared in group shows around Philadelphia at UPenn and Seraphin Gallery in downtown Philadelphia.


These travels have deepened her understanding of textiles and their profound spiritual and cultural connections. "I loved seeing motifs, learning about their historical origins, and the multi-generational traditions of textile-making, craft, and artistry. I took an Indigo dyeing workshop in Mexico City and still use the yarn I made there now," Altman notes. 

Lauren Altman Studio's vision for art and fashion as vehicles for Good Health and Well-Being, UN Global Goal 3, is woven into every thread. The collections frequently showcase empowering and positive messages, such as "I heal," "I grow," and "I mend." These affirmations are intricately sewn, pinned, or embroidered onto the clothing alongside archetypal elements like rivers and plants that symbolize living in harmony with nature.

With eye-catching color palettes of sky blues, bright pinks, and warm yellows, each garment is designed to help people feel uplifted and stand out from the crowd in the light and full color. 

Lauren developed her philosophy on sustainable art and fashion, which aligns with UN Global Goal 13, Practicing Responsible Consumption and Production, during an artist residency she attended in India, where she learned first-hand about the impacts of clothing waste on the environment. 

Bringing that insight back into her Brooklyn studio, Lauren's artwork and clothing line is a cyclic operation. She uses upcycled and deadstock fabrics and even compost to transform the old into the new, doing her part to reduce waste generation.

Combined with her extensive academic and professional background, Altman has developed a heightened ability to delve into the essence and spirit of the personal and fibrous artifacts she encounters. She skillfully transforms these discoveries into unique creations, sharing them with people from all corners of the world. From her first group show in NYC at David Nolan Gallery in Chelsea, her artwork has traveled as much as she has, now held in a public archive at Universidad de las Artes de Yucatán in Mérida, Mexico, as well as exhibited in London and Miami. "It's full circle, transforming the old into the new. It's an alchemical process designed to make people feel good, uplifted, and stand out from the crowd, in the light and full color." 


All images by @jaymethorton

Press: @showroomseven


Special thanks to Mandie and Karen Erickson

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