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East meets West at the Shiatzy Chen Spring/Summer 2020 show.

This season’s Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia dresses confident women, ready to conquer the world with the greatest elegance, without losing a single bit of youngness and elegance. The theme “Bamboo Artistry” brought all the artistic and cultural connotations that this tree has in Eastern imagery.

The show’s setting simulated the serene mood of a bamboo forest; large organza curtains in green imitated the verticality and the refreshing color of this tree.

Photos by Antonio SO

The collections spirit was young and refined, with a very graphic color palette mostly including black and white. Several looks included high-waisted short shorts and skirts, as well as caps and sneakers, which brought a touch of a sportswear spirit. Several of the pieces had quite masculine silhouettes, but the lightness of the materials brought a perfect balance between ease and elegance into the entire collection.

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