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EASTPAK Ever More Mobile, Ever More Urban

For this Spring 2020, EASTPAK's new CNNCT (pronounced Connect) line adopts a Navy color look! Initially designed for active professionals, the CNNCT range composed of Tecum bags, Tecum top and Tranverz cases (available in 3 sizes), is expanding this season and introducing three new models: the Trans4 CNNCT, the CNNCT Stand, the TY CNNCT. It now extends to urban mobility enthusiasts of all kinds thanks to the arrival of the mini "bum bag", among other things.

A unique satellite collection merging urban aesthetics, extremely high-quality materials durable and storage units smart. CNNCT is recognizable by its sleek designs, the use of fabrics sturdy polyester twill and coatings ultra-durable. It pushes the limits of functionality with a complete proposal customized mobility solution like internal organizers, pockets double-compartment and independent storage, for computer and tablet.


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