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EENK - World Wild West

Wednesday, September 28th 2022, 1pm at Palais de Tokyo

EENK, the South Korean ready-to-wear brand, debuted their Spring/Summer 2023 Collection at the Palais de Tokyo during the current Paris Fashion Week, along with a live performance by Carla Bruni. W for WWW (World Wild West), a collection inspired by the pioneering spirit of the old wild west as a metaphor for exploring undiscovered terrain across the world, was unveiled on Wednesday September 28. From the Far East, the mystique of the western frontier represented by the Gold Rush Era, the Jazz Age, the Belle Epoque, and the Roaring Twenties has captivated our imagination into a collection of optimistic freedom and spectacle of the great adventure.

The collection is more elegant and streamlined for the modern woman who enjoys a challenge, drawing influence from the menswear and womenswear archives of the era. IRK learned that Malina Joseph Gilchrist, a well-known fashion stylist and creative consultant, worked with the brand on its debut event in Paris. In an age of fast fashion and infinite cycles of trends, EENK wanted to introduce collectibles into the client's personal archives rather than disposables, the designer stated.

This season's presentation, which was held at the Palais de Tokyo, strayed from the glamorous setting and opted for a more rustic and industrial background. The initial impressions of the first looks were classic. The designer adopted warm hues of orange and yellow, along with corsets and belts, all of which fit the stereotype of the classic Western seen in movies. A unique peak was added to the presentation by the monochromatic red looks. Although they continued to dabble with Western aestheticism, particularly in the use of tassels and boots, the tonal alteration felt like a more personal statement from the designer.

The styles evolved into leather and fur. As the designs progressed, they became more of a deconstruction of the Western image, culminating in a group of works that were purely black and white. Finishing styles, like a fur cowl-neck dress laced with tassels, simply revealed the Western culture's most distinctive characteristics and the characteristics that contributed to its mystique/allure.


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