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Exploring Susie Abromeit's Multifaceted Universe

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Susie Abromeit shares insights into her multifaceted world, highlighting the unique blend of skills that distinguish her in the entertainment industry. Known for her role in "King Richard" and praised for her performance in "Diving Normal," Susie's approach to acting is marked by a deep commitment to authenticity and a passion for storytelling.

What sets Susie apart is not just her ability to navigate diverse roles but her background as a top-ranked tennis player and musician, adding layers of depth to her performances. This combination of athleticism, musicality, and acting expertise contributes to her dynamic presence on screen.

The actress’s world extends beyond the camera, using her platform for advocacy and change, embodying a philosophy of love and creativity. Residing in New York City, her advice to aspiring actors and her collaborative spirit underscore her proactive approach to both life and art.

Dive deeper into Susie's remarkable journey and the passions that drive her by exploring the full interview.


Can you share with us your journey into the world of acting? What inspired you to pursue a career in this field, and how did you get started?


I was born into being an artist, drawing and writing stories since I could. It’s been a calling and my role in life to be an artist. I always loved plays, and movies, and felt a sense of awe whenever I watched them. When I saw my first play, I said to myself, “How do I do that??” When my mother put me in an acting/arts camp when I was 9, I realized I could and my life made sense. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I thought I could make it my career and a huge part of my life. 

You have worked on various projects over the years.  How do you approach preparing for different types of roles, and do you have a favorite genre to work in?


Every role is different but I do work with Warner Loughlin on the script and we go over the script and break it down together and figure out who the character is and what the story is trying to tell. I like to do a lot of rehearsals with my scene partners (that’s my favorite part of the process of discovery and finding the truth.) I love storytelling and I’m open to most kinds of stories to tell, as long as I love the story I’m telling. 


Do you have a favorite role you have ever played? If yes, who and why? 


I did love the role in Diving Normal and thought I did great work in that. Also, I loved working with Will Smith in “King Richard.” Working with people I greatly respect is a big one for me. He was one of my heroes growing up. He’s the GOAT. And I loved his book. 

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Your portrayal of characters in both television and film has garnered attention. How do you connect with a character emotionally, and what kind of research or preparation do you typically undertake for a new role?


It all depends on the character and what the world is that I’m playing in. If I’m not familiar with that world then I try to research it and understand the world to make every thought and feeling authentic. Understanding all things about the character and the world is super important, and then you exist from that place and what the character would do in every situation. You have to know who she is, inside out. Like in life, we’re just recreating life, and so I ask what motivates my character, what are her values, her morals, what drives her, what are her traumas and how does she relate to people, what does her shadow look like? Just like in life. 


What do you find most exciting or challenging about being an actress in today's environment?


There are so many opportunities, more than there have ever been. You’re no longer beholden to "the machine” or a system that is a closed circle that contains all the power, money, and influence. You don’t have to be waiting to be chosen or for someone to give you a job. It’s become accessible to make your content and be creative on your terms. You can be the manifesto of your destiny and be in the driver's seat, which is such freedom. 


What advice would you give to young thespians trying to enter the industry? 


I would say to write and create your destiny. Don’t wait for someone to give you a job, create one. Grab an iPhone with friends, and act out scenes. Film it. Do short films. Make TikToks. Every actor today writes, directs, produces, etc. You can’t survive just by acting anymore. All the leaders of film do more than just act. The landscape has changed drastically. If you want to only act, you might be waiting forever for someone to hire you. That system doesn’t work anymore unless you’re that anomaly – that lucky person "in the club" or chosen by "someone in the club” who picks you. 

Collaboration is crucial in the film and television industry. Can you share an experience where you had to work closely with a director, co-stars, or crew members to bring a project to life? Can you talk about the importance of collaboration?


I’m currently collaborating with my best friends in my life on some projects. It takes a village to create a film or TV show. And now I’m bringing all of that into my life. I’m full-on living it, and working with my best friends is the best experience because you get to create art you love, with the people you love. Working with the greatest minds and people I respect and admire the most is paramount for the quality of life I want to live. And it would never get done otherwise without all the amazing collaborations. Work with people who want to make everything better. 


Do you have a current favorite song or musician? 


I have so many. Too many to count. I love most genres. But I do love Prince, Lana Del Ray, The Weeknd, Bon Iver, The 1975, Maggie Rogers, lots of 90s hip hop like Dr. Dre, Biggie and Tupac, Kanye West, Guardians of the Galaxy movie playlist – songs from the 70s and 60s, Al Green, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Trevor Hall, Post Malone, The Paper Kites, Billie Eilish, Cautious Clay, and love me some Taylor Swift. I’m a total Swiftie. 


Dress: Maison Irfe @maisonirfe @showroomseven

As an actress, you've had the opportunity to work on various sets. Can you share a memorable or challenging moment from a particular project that had a significant impact on your career or personal growth?


Working with Will was so expansive and a dream realized. Also working on Jessica Jones was so helpful and I learned so much. Working with my best friends is also the most expansive and my favorite of times. And Diving Normal helped me grow as an actress. 


How do you feel about being in the Marvel Universe? There is such a huge Marvel fanbase, how did it feel to bring the character Pam to life? 


That was a dream of mine. I had 'working in the Marvel Universe' on my vision board for years, and then after I read the script for Jessica Jones, I also put that on my vision board and it came true. I even declared before I booked the role that I wanted to be filming in New York (while on a trip to NYC) that I wanted to be filming in that show. And then it happened. It was so magical how it came to fruition. And I loved that process of bringing that character to life. 


Tell us about your skincare/beauty routine. What are your current favorite products? 


Favorite Lipstick? Whatever I’m feeling on that day, I love a red lip from YSL. 

 Favorite Mascara? Probably MAC. 

 Favorite Handbag? Ohhh I love Stella McCartney, but also love my YSL bags. 

 Favorite Shoes? My Chanel boots. 


In addition to acting, you are also a skilled musician. How do you find the balance between your acting and musical pursuits, and do you see any overlap in how you approach these creative outlets?


I think storytelling is all the same. You have an idea and you start writing and put your feelings down on paper. Or you’re trying to work a stream of consciousness and you just have to write it. Grab the inspired moment and start writing and little by little you have a song. Or you have a script. And then little by little you bring it to life on film and/or in the studio for your music. It’s one step at a time, piece by piece, word by word. And there’s a lot of downtime in acting when you’re not filming so it’s easy to make time for more creative outlets. 


Do you prefer NYC or LA?


I loved LA for 15 years with the extraordinary nature and ocean, beaches, and some of my best friends, but now I’m right where I should be living in NYC. I think NYC is the best place for me to live.  I don’t think any other city got me except for NYC. They’re my people.  And the people here are the most incredible. They’re so kind. I know it’s not the most obvious thing and NY gets a bad rep, but honestly, I’ve never met more helpful, kind, supportive, and genuinely wonderful people in my life. I love it. I think this entire time I was a New Yorker and just didn’t know it. 

The entertainment industry is known for its fast-paced and demanding nature. How do you manage stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance, especially during busy periods?


Striving for balance is my life’s path. I find the balance between projects. I have some incredible friends and feel like I won the Friend lottery in life. That keeps me balanced. But also eating healthy, self-care, working out, and taking care of myself, my soul, and my body, is a way to keep balance. Self-care has become a way of life and integrated into all aspects of my life. 


As an advocate for various charitable causes, how do you use your platform as an actress to raise awareness and make a positive impact on the issues that matter to you?

I think living your life the best you can and letting that be the example is the best thing you can do. Let God exist in you and strive to be the best you can be in all aspects of your life. People won’t change because you told them to. They change because they see they can do it for themselves and being an example is probably the only way you can. Like really lasting change and you can only do it if your message is with love. Fear doesn’t make lasting change. But bringing more love into the world does. Love creates and builds while fear destroys. That should be the only focus of bringing more love into the world. Focusing on what you want is so much more helpful than focusing on what you don’t want. 


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Cannon (Stylist):

When working with stylists on shoots or getting ready for red-carpet premieres, what is your approach to collaborating with a stylist? 


I’m open to collaborating but I do love to express myself through clothes and I usually do my styling. 


Who is your favorite designer? 


I love YSL, Gucci, Balmain, Versace, Chanel and Alexander McQueen. 


Glenn Brownell (Makeup Artist):

When I was looking at you in the monitor shooting the first look, the first thing I thought was “Wow, what a movie star!” If you could star in any role in any movie ever, what would it be? 


Probably be a lead hero character in a Marvel or DC show or film. And the stories I want to tell with my best friends. I’m manifesting having a show with my best friends, that we get to star in on HBO or Netflix, and we get to tell the stories we want. 

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As a makeup artist, when I get released from something, I usually just figure it wasn’t mine to begin with and move on, but sometimes I just knew that I was the right one for that particular job and it stings. Actors face so much rejection even at the highest level and comes with the territory. Is there a role that disappointed you to not land and how do you deal with that? 


Ooofff yes. It’s hard and sometimes challenging. I put “Wolf of Wall Street" on my vision board a year or two before it was filmed. I read the book and had an incredible audition. I wasn’t as big of a name as Margot Robbie then (she had a big series on the network TV show Pan Am.) It didn’t go further but casting loved me and thought I did incredible but were looking for a bigger name. That was difficult and painful. For a long time, that was painful to see anything Wolf of Wall Street related because I knew it would be a game-changing movie for my career, and it catapulted Margot. And then I wanted to play Harley Quinn and of course Margot played her. And I love Margot and worked with her brother Cameron Robbie who I adore (he played my brother in a film.) And funny enough the whole time he kept saying I reminded him of his sister. I do feel such a kinship with Cameron and with her even though I've never met her. And I don’t think I would have handled the stardom as well as Margot did. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t ready for that level of fame and probably would have self-destructed. She’s handled that metric rise with such grace and class. And now I’m ready for it. But I first had to orient myself probably in the world to handle it. And now I feel I can handle it. 

Something I’ve always wondered but didn’t know if I was allowed to ask- When actors do a show or a movie, it’s all-consuming, and then it just ends and sometimes they don’t work for like, a year in between. What do you do between projects? 


I’m keeping myself busy constantly with building a production company and creating films with my best friends Alona Tal and Christie Campo. We’ve got a lot in the works and I’m excited to finally share it with the world. Also, I’m writing new music and can’t wait to also share that too!

Coat: Dries Van Noten @driesvannoten

Jayme Thornton (Photographer): 

How do you prepare for being in front of the camera for a photoshoot? Do you approach it in any similar ways to preparing for a film role? 


Getting a good night's sleep, eating healthy things, and making sure I do lots of self-care. 

Is there a favorite photographer you have worked with?

 I loved working with you guys! It was such a wonderful and fun shoot!!

We’ve aligned with the UN about spreading information about the 17 Global goals on sustainable development, Which goal (s) do you align to and why? 

I think we must first master the necessities and focus on having no poverty, zero hunger, good health, clean water, well-being, and quality education. If we can master those things first, we can build upon Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and continue to build outward with our highest selves and standards, so we create autonomy, wealth, love, and prosperity for ourselves. 


We do, however, first need shelter, food,  and good health, (because we can’t survive without it). We always have to start with the basics, but always know, that every single human being on earth is a part of God and divinity. Which means we have our autonomy, self-worth, and love. And coming from that place we all deserve heaven and the world and for our highest selves to thrive. 

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