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Time to get out your makeup brushes, pencils, colors and most important your imagination! IRK is challenging you to an EYE-CONIC makeup extravaganza! Send us your creative EYE photos, videos or gifs by July 18th. Read further for instructions.

We are inviting makeup artists, photographers, models, actors, influencers, and others to send us up to 3 images, videos or Gifs, of their eyes. These can be selfies or from a shoot. We are looking for stunning make-up, alluring beauty shots, and of course your strong gaze!

Please include all photographer, makeup and crew credits as well, all of which will be published online at

Send credits in a word document (no PDFs please). Include instagram tags too


Photographer: Julien Crouigneau @french_cowboy

Makeup artist: Ruby Glossy @rubyglossy

Model: Melissa Hart @melissahart Makeup brands used: Pink eyeshadow M.A.C Cosmetics, Mascara Chanel

Please note that by submitting still or moving imagery to IRK Magazine or one of its editors you grant permission for use on IRK Magazine and its editors social media, and the IRK Magazine blog and web site. Additionally, you confirm that you are the legal copyright holder of the photograph, video, or Gif and have obtained appropriate permission and release from the people featured in the images, as well as any clients. Or that you are the person in the photograph and have obtained appropriate permission and release from the photographer and any clients, to submit the photograph for use on social media, and on the IRK Magazine blog and web site.

Please submit your images as high res jpegs to IRK Magazine at, or via wetransfer at the same email address.

Have fun and be creative!!!

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I am very excited for this 😃😃 I am very grateful that I got an opportunity to take part in this

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