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Farm Rio and Adidas

In 2014, Adidas and Farm Rio joined forces for the first time, and their collaboration has continued to thrive over the years. This partnership brings together the iconic Adidas brand and the vibrant energy of Brazil, resulting in a remarkable fusion. Through a delightful combination of exclusive prints, radiant colors, and captivating textures, Farm Rio inspires individuals to embrace a life filled with authenticity, dynamism, and natural beauty. Each collection represents a new beginning, with the latest one celebrating the essence of flowers.

The flagship print of this season revolves around exquisite floral designs, which are featured in various cuts and styles such as dance bodysuits, windbreakers, and down jackets. The collection showcases an array of captivating floral prints, effortlessly blending warm and cool colors in each garment. As a result, Farm Rio not only brings a piece of Brazilian culture to everyone but also emphasizes the collaborative bond with Adidas through the presence of the three iconic white bands.

Farm Rio is not just a fashion brand; it is also a sustainable force from Brazil. As a carbon-neutral company, Farm Rio prioritizes circularity and actively seeks ways to improve the fashion industry's impact on our planet. Culture and fashion are intertwined for Farm Rio, as the brand consistently incorporates the richness of Brazil's diverse cultural expressions and biodiversity into its creations. By doing so, Farm Rio aims to raise awareness and promote sustainable practices.

Everything the brand does seems to be permeate with a desire for change, concerning diversity and taking people into consideration as a value of sustainability, committing to racial equality and gender diversity expression and representation. Founded by Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos in 1997 as a humble market stand in Rio, Farm Rio has grown into a renowned name in Brazil. With over 2,000 employees and more than 85 stores nationwide, the brand has also gained international recognition.

Farm Rio goes beyond fashion by actively contributing to environmental conservation. For every purchase made, whether online, in stores, or through authorized retailers, Farm Rio donates a tree to be planted in Brazil's biomes, in collaboration with One Tree Planted. To date, they have successfully planted over one million trees. Moreover, Farm Rio achieved carbon neutrality in 2021 and is a proud founding member of GRUPO SOMA, Brazil's largest fashion group.

Transparency is a core value for Farm Rio. In an age where many companies engage in greenwashing, Farm Rio stands out by providing comprehensive visibility into their processes. From the creation stage to the moment customers receive their garments, every step is carefully tracked and can be accessed on the brand's website. This commitment to transparency supports various monitoring initiatives and ensures that Farm Rio's sustainable practices are genuine.

Adidas, like Farm Rio, recognizes the significance of diligent efforts and transparency. They firmly believe in fair, responsible, and sustainable practices throughout their supply chain. By fostering long-term and honest relationships with suppliers, Adidas strives to enhance ethical trade. Their commitment to transparency allows for close collaboration with suppliers and enables the monitoring of every step of the production chain.

The collaboration between Adidas and Farm Rio has evolved over the years, reflecting a shared commitment to sustainability, diversity, and ethical practices. Adidas and Farm Rio's colorful and vibrant collection, inspired by Brazil's culture and natural beauty, celebrates the spirit of authenticity. As a carbon-neutral brand, Farm Rio embraces circularity and actively contributes to environmental conservation. Through their partnership, Adidas and Farm Rio exemplify the importance of transparency and responsible practices in the fashion industry, aiming to create a positive impact on both people and the planet.


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