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Films.Dance Explores Digital Performance Art

Films.Dance is a global film series that is revolutionizing performance art. Produced by the Jacob Jonas Company, Films.Dance seeks to create a digital stage in an increasingly digital world. The series of films features over 150 artists from 25 countries. As the films are available online it makes the passionate work of these dedicated artists more accessible, to a worldwide audience.

The films explore a wide variety of themes and emotions. From the melancholic “Weakness of the Flesh” choreographed by Jacob Jonas which explores the limits of the human body to the collaborative and upbeat “Dadu”, directed by Ian Robinson and choreographed by the dancers, there is certainly a film within the series that can connect to anyone and everyone.

Part of the wonder of these performances is that the artists are able to use locations and spaces that are so unique compared to the usual dance performances that take place on stages. "Kaduna" directed by Ridwan Adeniyi and Jacob Jonas takes place in a field in Kaduna, Nigeria, where most audiences would not be able to view the art, had it not been recorded and published. The performance taking place in Kaduna adds so much to the story of movement that is being told.

These films embody the beauty, versatility, and resilience of dance and the artists who create it. Anybody looking for a meaningful and thought-provoking visual experience should view these films.

Films.Dance can be found here


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