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Flying Solo Expands Its Fashion Empire to Paris

PARIS, FRANCE In the heart of the world's fashion capital, Flying Solo, the acclaimed mecca for fashion designers in the United States, has unveiled its new location in Paris. This pivotal expansion complements its vibrant presence in New York City's Soho district, unfolded within the historic walls of La Poste du Louvre, heralding a new era for the iconic brand.

The birth of this transformative retail space in the heart of Paris is a testament to Flying Solo's unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the relentless championing of emerging fashion talents. The exquisite realization of this location is the result of a labor of love, a harmonious symphony conducted by the visionary founder of Flying Solo, Elizabeth Solomeina, and the esteemed designer Daniel Silverstain. Together, they orchestrated a collaboration with local Parisian artists who brought to life the very essence of the City of Light within these walls.

Images by Mariya Nicole

Step through the doors of Flying Solo's Parisian haven, and you will be immediately captivated. The first floor welcomes visitors with a resplendent red carpet, leading to an astonishing masterpiece: a red cube meticulously constructed from metallic chains, a testament to the creative genius of Flying Solo. On this level, you will find an array of jewelry designers, handcrafted bags, and an exquisite collection of hats, offering a treasure trove for fashion aficionados. Ascend the red industrial stairs to the second floor, where floor-to-ceiling windows frame breathtaking Parisian vistas, allowing natural light to bathe the space in its radiance. This level hosts a diverse range of clothing collections, each catering to distinct styles and preferences, while fitting rooms provide a personalized experience for shoppers to delve into and embrace the latest fashion trends.

Images by Mariya Nicole

The grand opening on the 2nd of October was a magnet for the luminaries of the fashion world, attracting the gaze of influential fashion icons, discerning editors from renowned international magazines, and an eager local Parisian clientele. The buzz surrounding Flying Solo Paris is palpable, poised to infuse the City of Lights with an audacious style and creative dynamism. Marrying New York's avant-garde spirit with Paris' timeless elegance, Flying Solo invites you to embark on a journey where creativity knows no bounds. Where New York meets Paris in an enchanting confluence of style and sophistication. Be prepared to make this avant-garde haven your ultimate destination, beckoning all fashion enthusiasts to join in the celebration of limitless creativity.

Images by Mariya Nicole


Visit the Paris Store Location: 43 Rue Étienne Marcel, Paris



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