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Foto Fever. A Spotlight of Contemporary Photography

This weekend the carrousel du Louvre held a marvelous 8th edition of Foto Fever, the first photography festival in Paris dedicated to the discovery and collection of contemporary photography. Enthusiasts, collectors, professionals, and amateurs from all Paris didn't miss this exceptional event which firmly increases its relevance in the international scene.

View of the event. © Joanna Tarlet Gauteur

The festival included 184 artists from which 50% are females, a goal of equality the festival reached one year ahead of expected. Styles, concepts, and prices were as diverse as the nationalities of the artists, who came from 20 different countries. A selection of photographs under 1000 euros also encouraged the collection of this art for more diverse budgets, which concluded in several hundreds of sales between 250 and 6600.

Marking the 180th anniversary of the invention of Photography, which occurred in France, Foto Fever honored the occasion and emphasized French creative talent by featuring a high percentage of galleries from different cities of the country.

Alejandra Carles-Tolrá, Série Where we belong, 2016-18, Courtesy Fifty Dots gallery


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