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GUO PEI Spring-Summer 2020

Behind the scenes by the OFN Only Fashion Network

Guo Pei and her grandiose creations take us once again to a unique voyage into her surreal universe. This Spring-Summer she took us to an unexpected dreamlike visit to the Himalayas (not precisely the most summerish place in the world): a deep hibernal blue scene and a dainty snowfall beautifully emulated the profound atmosphere of a real sunrise in the mountains.

Photo by Vincent Vi-ix

The iconic non-conformist volumes of the designer were inspired by various traditional outfits such as Tibetan garbs. White feathers that gave the illusion of fur and sleeves that unrolled to reveal and extra-large length were a particular whimsical element of this collection.

Several antique textiles were reworked by the designer, who wanted to work the oldest fabrics possible in allusion to the "sense of permanence" of this mountain range. Embroidery exposed-or rather- unexposed, left the thread of the handwork at sight, a classic touch of Gup Pei who adores to highlight the technical process of couture.

Photo by Vincent Vi-ix

Gup Pei always keeps her creations true to her spirit and always leaves us wanting for a little more. She is definitely one of those rare geniuses that know how to make everybody dream along with her.

All Photos by Vincent Vi-ix.

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