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Honk Kong Talent in Paris Fashion Week

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

HKFG, an event presented by the Fashion Farm Foundation, presented the creations of eight selected designers from Hong Kong, including two fashion presentations from Christian Stone and Ka Wa Ke. The event took place at a large grunge building at the heart of Paris.

Christian Stone Presentation. Photos courtesy of the designers.

Christian Stone’s powerful presentation included an exceptional futuristic scenario resembling an abandoned factory taken from “Blade Runner”, it included two large sculptures of robots, several scaffolds, and clusters of sand around the floor. The young designer from Central Saint Martins incorporated delicate work of craftmanship such as the pleating of fabrics, into the large and cubist volumes of the garments.

Ke Wa Key’s presentation brought a lot of contrast with its much more fluid and psychedelic tone. A silent performer moved gracefully and danced along with the models, playing with the constant movement of a large curtain that appeared to be floating with the wind. His collection included several patterns of flowers and pieces of knitwear with transparent patches, conveying a serene scene of governance of nature over modernity.

Ke Wa Key Presentation. Photos courtesy of designers.

Cynthia x Xiao was among the other brands that attracted us at the event. The brand mainly based on knitwear gives a twist to the traditional colors and patterns of this line of clothing. The designer Cynthia told Irk Magazine:

"What we focus on mostly is in graphics and colors, so everything we have is very bright and very happy. We want people to wear our clothing and feel joyful and comfortable. We don’t want to do anymore black and white collections; we want something that can stand out on itself."

Cynthia x Xiao Campaign. Spring/Summer 2020

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