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If Tinsel and Tulle Made a Love Child - Alessandro Trincone NYFW FW 20/21

Photography by Gabriela Gum @iamgabrielagum

Walking up to the overly large and rather obnoxious doors of New Yorks Goldbar on Broome street this Saturday night I wasn’t sure what to expect from Alessandro Trincones FW 20/21 presentation. Perhaps I was in for a night of formality and structure ( ew ) or perhaps it would be a quick in and out situation which would leave me longing for more.

Luckily for me it was neither situation A or B, it was situation C.

So, let me briefly explain situation C. Situation C is like the big sister you always wanted, the rainbow pattern oil makes on the road when it glistens in the sun. It’s your mum letting 7 year old you wear your dress up princess dress to school. Situation C exceeds all else.

The whole concept of Alessandro's collections are to blur the lines between masculinity and femininity, leaving something that just exists for everyone and anyone who wants it. In my opinion, this collection didn’t just blur gender lines, it totally abolished them. Walking through those obnoxiously large doors my eye was drawn to the excessive amounts of tulle and glinting tinsel positioned on the rack to my left, like a magpie to all things shiny I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Letting out an excited squeal much like a child being presented with a lollypop, I was already 110% sold on this collection, I thought it couldn’t get any better than fluffy dresses and pink sparkly pants, but then it did…..

Photography by Gabriela Gum @iamgabrielagum

Whilst I was doing the calculation in my head of how I could fit this excessively large tulle dress into my excessively small saddle bag, summersault over the security guard and make a Usain Bolt run for my apartment I was kindly interrupted by a member of staff who politely said “ would you like to try it on?” She couldn’t possibly have said what I think she just said did she? I asked her to repeat herself because 9 times out of 10 I just hear what I want to hear, fortunately for me this was one of those times.

Photography by Gabriela Gum @iamgabrielagum

Whisked off to a dressing room where I was dressed in my now decided future wedding gown I was then told I could go get my hair and make up done as well. All my swan-lake dreams were coming true right before my very eyes as I was given white lashes and a very chic Bo-peep Bonnet. This is exactly how I imagined the great Gatsby parties in my head when reading the book as I looked around to see boys, girls, aliens, unicorns and everything in-between dressed in the collection dancing, taking photos and having the time of their lives.

Photography by Gabriela Gum @iamgabrielagum

This collection was full of fun and creativity but it absolutely didn’t lack class or elegance. In a world where black and grey seem to be the only colours that rule the streets Alessandro Trincone gave me hope that soon that black and grey will be replaced by shining silver and blush pink. Not only was I surrounded by luscious textures and dreamy colour pallets, but I was surrounded by the most smiles and excited eye twinkles I have seen since my 8th birthday party which had a bouncy castle. In fact, the only thing that may have made this night any better would have been a bouncy castle ( take note for future Alessandro.)

Photography by Gabriela Gum @iamgabrielagum

I would never forgive myself if I didn’t say in this mumble of words, thank you. Thank you to Alessandro for creating so much more than a collection, a place where tinsel and tulle married and created sequin love children, a place where people could express themselves in the form of pastel pink and duck egg blue. Thank you for a collection that gives substance to the fashion world.

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