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Inside Out with Victoria Tomas

Every season Victoria Tomas brings something a little different to the catwalk, and this season was no different. The motive behind this collection is also a little different, the entire collection is 100% reversible. This aspect is not only exceptionally aesthetic but allows the user to have 2 garments in one, ultimately fighting fashions every growing ecological footprint.

Due to the times we’re living in Victoria/Tomas was unable to have a physical show, however that didn’t stop them producing anything less than excellent. Through the power of technology digital models wore each garment like it was the real deal, allowing for viewers to see the silhouettes on the human form.

This collection saw women’s and mens pieces merged together to create a cohesive yet captivating collation. Over sized fringes are the her piece that caught my eye and has me ready to pre order. However, the two toned reversible trench is not far behind hind.

This his collection is extremely wearable and desirable, something we need in a time of sweat pants and pyjamas. Every piece can be easily added to your existing wardrobe to create the perfect dinner date look. Make sure you preorder your favourite piece just in time for restrictions to be lifted, your freedom fit will be a cut above the rest.


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