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Interview: Alexandra Zimny

The French model and entrepreneur Alexandra Zimny invited us to the Grazia Maroc X Alexandra Zimny loves Natan party during the last Paris Fashion Week, a collaboration between the iconic magazine and Alexandra who is also the cover girl of the latest print issue. The event was a gathering of the Parisian fashion scene attended by guests such as top model Maria Borges.

In an exclusive interview with IRK Magazine, Alexandra Zimny talks about her motivation, inspiration, and her new project Carmin Paris, a sustainable and ethical diamond brand. // @alexadra_zimny @carmin_paris

What inspired you and Grazia Maroc to collaborate and to come up with the Grazia Maroc x

Alexandra Zimny loves Natan event during the Paris Fashion Week?

When my stylist Antoine chose the looks for the magazine, I fell in love with the collection of NATAN. After we were done with shooting all the looks, I knew directly that one look in particular will be probably the perfect choice for the cover. Antoine and I shared the same opinion, we were in love with the classic, joyful and timeless style of the brand. After we decided together with Grazia to have a garment from NATAN on the cover, we also decided to create the event in collaboration with the brand.

How did you experience the event yourself? Did you enjoy it or was it also stressful to

organize such an event during the Paris Fashion Week?

To be honest with you, I didn’t expect so many people to attend our event, therefore I was not stressed. Antoine created an amazing event which me, Grazia and our PR agency Caroline Charles Communication appreciated a lot. I was so happy to welcome model Maria Borges at the event, I am a real fan of her. I was also happy to see so many people I didn’t see since the lockdown. Overall it was a real success and seeing all those happy people motivated me a lot.

What do you like about Paris and how does the city inspire you, your sense of fashion, and

your work as a model? Do you miss your hometown in the South of France sometimes?

Paris made all my dreams possible and inspires me since 10 years that I live in Paris now. I met amazing people especially my fiancé and future husband. I love the creative vibe of the city, all the opportunities, and the beauty of Paris even if I miss the typical sound of the south such as the grasshoppers and the sound of the sea sometimes. I feel very connected to the south of France where I also will get married this summer at the Cap Brun.

If you could have dinner with three people from the fashion industry, who would it be and


Peter Lindbergh. Sadly it is not possible anymore but I will always be a fan of his work.

Jean-Paul Gaultier. I love his provocative side, the rock and the out of the box way of thinking.

Simon Jacquemus. I love this designer as his works remind me of my childhood memories in the Provence in the South of France.

A project that is really of importance for you is the launch of your jewelry brand. Can you

already tell us a few details about this project?

I am happy to tell you more about this project. My brand is called Carmin Paris. The first collection will be called Aurore which I decided to launch as a limited edition at the moment. I decided with my team to create something that I am passionate about: eco-conscious, ethical, and more accessible in terms of pricing. I already created a brand of jewelry before. This year Carmin Paris will be my main challenge and I want to introduce people to the diamond of the future and to make young people aware of this ethical type of diamond that doesn’t destroy our planet compared to classic diamonds from mines.


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