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Petite Meller Interview - "Dying Out Of Love"

"Our love is art and art is just forever." Petite Meller just released her new single "Dying Out Of Love" which explores the contradictions of love in a way that only Petite could do: the lead single of her forthcoming album is melancholic, sad, and optimistic at the same time. She wants the listener to cry out of joy. Exclusive for IRK Magazine, Petite Meller takes us on a trip to her colorful universe full of art, philosophy and Ork Pop.

Photography Ella Uzan

Interview and Text by Martin Rybak

Dgitial Cover Layout by Mia Macfarlane Petite is wearing a blue bag by Roger Vivier, pink bag by Ports 1961, pink dress by Pascal, white coat by Annakiki

Watch the full exclusive interview with IRK Magazine here:

white coat by Annakiki

blue bag by Roger Vivier

pink dress by Pascal

Jaques Lacan's term jouissance fascinates me, how the pleasure derives from pain. I was finding myself and my music in it.

My new album is darker, In this album, I feel like I’m traveling more inside of me, as I said my intuition is very strong and it sent me to deal with darker edgy philosophical ideas like dying, insanity, a hole in my chest, etc, it is an epic space opera album discussing deep questions of existence merging electronic, Vivaldi and Mahler with big ballads that you can cry to and rejoice.

white coat by Annakiki

The singer has a never-ending curiosity to explore complex topics and turn them into ultra-fun pop songs that are inspired by Kant, Freud, pop culture but also her past traumas. Her new song "Dying Out of Love" is part of her next album that will be inspired by what Petite calls "Ork Pop". On the new record, Petite is not afraid to talk about darker topics compared to her debut album while still including the eccentricity that made us directly fall in love with her music and universe.


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