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Iris Brosch: The Renaissance of Female Energy & Environmental Consciousness

In the heart of New York City artist Iris Brosch unveiled her thought-provoking project, “The Renaissance of Female Energy and Environmental Consciousness” atop the Selina Hotel rooftop. This captivating mixed media event showcased Brosch’s innovative art form, Photo Performance, to welcome a modern-day Renaissance pushing boundaries and sparking dialogue on women’s strength and unity worldwide.

IRK Galerie, will present the series and other works by Iris Brosch in Arles during Les Rencontre photo festival July 3-12. For this special occasion, Iris Brosch will be painting on her photos creating both unique works of art and a unique experience to be seen for the first time at IRK Galerie.

©Iris Brosch, » The Renaissance of Female Energy and Environnemental Consciousness « , 2023

©Iris Brosch, » The Renaissance of Female Energy and Environnemental Consciousness « , 2023

Rising above the New York Skyline we see a golden Venus, glowing from timeless female grace. Drawing inspiration from the historical Renaissance period, which brought about transformative shifts in culture and art, Brosch’s project serves as an artistic revolt against societal norms that perpetuate destruction and oppression by a male system.

With “Renaissance,” Brosch breathes life into a feminist representation of Venus, a symbol of love and harmony, who fearlessly shatters the male gaze placed upon women: The Venus depicted by Iris Brosch is not an ethereal ideal but a real woman, inspired by various historical representations of Venus. From the ancient Venus of Willendorf, a prehistoric artifact celebrating the female form, to the iconic Venus portrayed in Sandro Botticelli’s masterpiece The Birth of Venus, Brosch’s project weaves together the threads of art history. By embracing these diverse influences, the modern Venus crafted by Brosch encompasses the essence of femininity, life, joy, beauty, and sensuality.

©Iris Brosch, » The Renaissance of Female Energy and Environnemental Consciousness « , 2023

©Iris Brosch, » The Renaissance of Female Energy and Environnemental Consciousness « , 2023

Part of “Renaissance” unfolds within the symbolic setting of an empty swimming pool, serving as a powerful metaphor for women’s ability to redefine their place in society from Ground Zero. Echoing a poignant moment in history, where a Las Vegas hotel drained its swimming pool after African American actress Dorothy Dandridge dipped her toe into it, Brosch’s project symbolizes a call to action for women to create a new world where they can reclaim their space and cultivate self-love.

In today’s world, where outdated gender roles still persist, we find ourselves in a parallel to the historical Renaissance period a time of great change and chaos. Female voices continue to be muted within our patriarchal society, making a female Renaissance all the more crucial to bring about true equality. For Iris Brosch, every woman is a Venus. The artist calls for an authentic portrayal of women in society, especially those who have been under-represented. Venuses are a reoccurring theme in Brosch’s projects and celebrate the diverse shapes and complexities of femininity, all while reclaiming the deeper power that lies within women’s beauty and unity.

©Iris Brosch, » The Renaissance of Female Energy and Environnemental Consciousness « , 2023

©Iris Brosch, » The Renaissance of Female Energy and Environnemental Consciousness « , 2023

The idea behind this Modern Renaissance is rooted in the spirit of ancient Greek Venuses, Botticelli’s masterful brushstrokes, and the timeless Venus of Willendorf. Through Brosch’s Modern Venus, these powerful archetypes emerge from the New York City skyline, transcending towering skyscrapers. Unlike their ancient Greek predecessors, modern Venuses no longer dance in harmony with nature to celebrate the interconnectedness of humanity and their environment, since the course of time has alienated them from each other. Instead, Brosch’s Modern Venuses melt together with the natural world, sometimes transforming into hybrid beings that reflect the urgency and depth of our collective ecological crisis which we cannot escape from. In the photos, you see an innate physical reunion of nature and women, which becomes a testament to ecofeminism, a philosophy that recognizes the intrinsic link between the oppression of women and the exploitation of nature. The pictures confront partially degenerated animals or animals in unnatural states, feeling misplaced, to bring attention to our decaying ecosystem.

Amidst the resonance of Iris Brosch’s “Renaissance,” an unyielding message prevails—a message that serves as a profound warning for the 21st century. It is a call to acknowledge the fragile state of our planet and the potential consequences of inaction. Without embracing feminism and recognizing the interconnectedness between the well-being of women and the preservation of our environment, humanity faces death.

©Iris Brosch, » The Renaissance of Female Energy and Environnemental Consciousness « , 2023


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VIDEOGRAPHY: Damian Panetta @damien.panetta

PHOTO ASSISTANCE: Tess Flammia @tessflammia ASSISTANCE PARIS: Fabienne Schmid @phabie_ls


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Draping by Terri Jeann Neifert @therockyourcurves Elaine Cullen @elainecullen28


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