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Iris Van Herpen Autumn-Winter 19/20 Collection « Hypnosis »

Iris Van Herpen presented « Hypnosis » her Autumn/Winter 19/20 collection during the Paris Haute Couture fashion week at the Élysée Montmartre.

The designer was inspired by the hypnosis existing in our environment from the work of Anthony Howe. From the beginning, several core codes were established for the brand by the creative Director herself including technology, science, architecture, nature in order to create designs for the female form.

This collection demonstrates the founding principles of Iris Van Herpen as a designer by blending tradition with advanced technology. Hence, the ancient Japanese dip-dye technique « Suminagashi » and mechanics for the background of the runway with hypnotic circle cut-outs surrounding where the models would come out foreshadowed the final look.

The looks included cut-out compositions in sheer fabric showing a little bit of skin referencing to the theme of hypnosis. Floor-length dresses in bronze pleated with what resembles wings attached on the back as if the model would be the hypnotic godess of nature, ocean, air and lands. Gowns in luminous fabric that shimmer in hues of dark plum, deep Burgundy, and violet blending into shiny bronze. There were no specific motifs on the fabrics but simple tones impeccably fused leaving the Viewer with a sense of being hypnotized. The wings attached to some attire reminded us of colorful butterflies flying in natural lands.

Stunning brilliant silver dresses showing skin in between the symmetrical lines. Some of the designs look otherwordly. The way they are finely structured to be exactly equal in light textile yet flowing with every movement down the runway and the fantastic mechanism behind inevitably leading the viewers eye to experience the intriguing hypnosis of Iris Van Herpen.

The spectacular finale was of the hypnotic angel with hundreds of cut out designs flowing with beautiful breathtaking wings that look like waves attracting our eyes and not letting it out of our sight.

In addition, the simple feathered short dress allowing the main focal point to the complicated mechanics of white feathers moving in cercles over the model. She truly proved to be the angel of hypnosis. The entire audience was in awe by the precise technology and design intertwining to produce such an iconic never-before-seen creation.

To quote the innovative Iris Van Herpen « The Hypnosis collection is a hypnotic visualisation of nature’s tapestry the symbiotic cycles of our biosphère that interweave the air, land, and océans. It also reflects the ongoing dissection of the rhythms of life and resonates with the fragility within these interwoven worlds. » Iris Van Herpen demonstrates the motive of this seasons spectacular collection.


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