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JACQUEMUS Fall Winter 2020 "L'année 97" model Bella Hadid

The crowd was buzzing about the hyped Jacquemus, you could feel the eagerness of the audience as we stared into the one spotlight gleaming down the center of the illuminated white stage of the Paris La Défense Arena set to be the runway for the co-ed show.

JACQUEMUS Fall Winter 2020 "L'année 97"

30 year old Simon Porte Jacquemus from a small hometown of Mallemort in southeastern France has become the latest emerging millenial designer of the modern era. His tremendous impact through social media has lead the way to sharing his sublime designs.

JACQUEMUS Fall Winter 2020 "L'année 97" model Laetitia Casta

The show began with him saying « When I was 7 I made a skirt out of a linen curtain for my mother. Here is the year 1997 » What may have seemed like a simple show set up had a significant meaning close to heart. The opening look referenced his beloved late mother and was key to the use of the material seen throughout the collection. This skirt that he had so proudly made that year and went to school wearing it.

JACQUEMUS Fall Winter 2020 "L'année 97"

Jacquemus presented us with a breath of fresh air from the sunny south and kept it cool with all-white outfits, strapless tops, Button up dress shirts, cut-out long pencil skirts and fashionable short shorts. Dashing colors of light green, poppy lilac, fuchsia and who can forget his love for shades of blue.

JACQUEMUS Fall Winter 2020 "L'année 97"

Supermodels strutted down the runway such as Bella Hadid and Gigi with her iconic hair flip leaving the crowd in awe. Other guests such as Belgian-Congolese rapper Damso, influencers Patricia Manfield, Manon Bresch and casting with model Laetitia Casta after her absence of 10 years from the runway.

JACQUEMUS Fall Winter 2020 "L'année 97"

Oversized blazers and straight cut pants, trendy socks with iconic heels, puffer jackets in beige, paired with stylish hoop earrings, belts with multiple compartments, cut-out dresses and long pencil skirts. He mentions « I wanted to go back to that sense of minimalism. It’s the first time I’m thinking of a collection like it would be my last. I wanted to make a minimal wardrobe, a wardrobe that would be timeless, beige and pure. »

JACQUEMUS Fall Winter 2020 "L'année 97"

Jacquemus is known for expressing more than meets the eye. Each of his shows reflecting his value of family, personal life and past right before us. As the show went on he allowed us to emerge into these beautiful memories. And with every minute passing we felt as if we were living his most treasured moments by his side.

JACQUEMUS Fall Winter 2020 "L'année 97"

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