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In the heart of Paris in Saint-Germain-des-près lies the relaxing EN Spa where one can take a break from the dynamic urban lifestyle of the city. The best part is that by coming to EN you will be fully immersed in an otherworldly universe of soothing facial, shoulder and foot massages where they provide with one of a kind products. Ingredients for creams are composed of elements directly from Japan known for one of the highest longevities in the world. Products are chosen precisely and are personalized to the client’s needs and desires but also according to one’s skin properties.

In a society overflowing with profitable one-product-suits-all, the luxury Spa offers more than 80+ essence each with effective ingredients that can be mixed to suit each client. Their extracts are made from the richest and finest organic elements found only in natural environments. These raw materials are picked patiently by hand and go through exceptional high-end quality control. The selection includes oils from Camellia, Argan, Macadamia nut oil to water based compositions such as Rose, Hinoki, Hot Spring to vitamin extracts and so much more.

EN’s mission is to celebrate each client and offer the best pampering by remaining true to the authentic roots of Japan. The interior of EN Spa is furnished in stunning gold and gleaming white to reflect the rejuvenation felt through the freshness of massages. One’s rendezvous begins with a personalized consultation conducted by the masseuse. They will then propose a selection of products according to your skin type, style of living, eating, exercise habits and more.

IRK was amazed by their attention to detail and service provided. Not only was the session very unique but the massage consisted of facial and shoulder massage along with soothing steam on the face to open up pores and enhance the effectiveness of ingredients. Depending on the type of massage one selects, the timing duration varies from 85 to 120 minutes. Prices also range from 180-290 euros. The appointment ended with a warming tea session accompanied by the masseuse where they tell us about the ingredients used during the session.

Guest EDITOR Ali Cabanzo



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