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Jasmine Barker: Through A Father's Eyes

Dress and Jacket by CD Greene, Necklace by PB Design at Flying Solo (Image 1), Dress by The Blonds (Image 2)

Talent: Jasmine Barker @jasmineinesbarker

Photographer: Nigel Barker @nigelbarker

Stylist: Cannon @thecannonmediagroup at The Only Agency

Hair: Isaac Davidson @isaacdavidsonhair using Phyto @phytousa

Makeup: Glenn Brownell @glennbrownell at The Only Agency @theonlyagency , using Neen

Fashion Assistants: Winnie Paranoan @winnie_noan & Nikolaus Koutso

Contributing Editors: French Cowboy @frenchcowboy & Paul Doherty @pauljuliann

NEW YORK - "Jasmine, Jazzy, Jazzaroo… from baby to lady, she will always be my little girl. She had a special spirit, an old soul, and a kind, generous heart from the moment she entered the world. She has always been tall, too, but that never bothered her; she has taken everything in her stride. Her mother, Crissy, encouraged her to take dance from an early age, starting with ballet and, more recently, hip hop, giving her excellent body awareness and helping with coordination and movement. We have never pushed our kids into modeling or fashion but encouraged them to be creative and challenge themselves. Jazzy has grown up with cameras, and I constantly photograph everything, so it's no surprise it’s second nature for her to be in front of the lens. In the past 12 months, her desire to pursue modeling has come to a head. It started with Coco inviting her to her model camp, which she loved! She was then cast to walk in a few shows at New York Fashion Week by Kelly Cutrone and got selected to represent the brand Private Policy, appearing in Vogue for the first time at age 13. She has gone on to walk in 3 seasons of NYFW, and her confidence grows stronger with every step on the runway. It’s quite something when you remember your child’s first steps and then watch them sashay down the catwalk!! It is even more special for me to photograph her, though. I am incredibly close with my children, and Jazz is very open and giving with me. She can stare right into my lens and is completely trusting in the process. That allows her to be organic and authentic in ways most models can only dream of. Her light and gracious attitude that she gets from her mother is also incredibly magnetic for everyone on set, which makes it so much fun. Everything is better when you love it. The hair on the back of my neck stands on end when I shoot her, as I know I am capturing magic. It’s an honor to take her picture as she shares so much love in her gaze. Watch out; here comes my Jazzaroo!"

- Nigel Barker

Dress by The Blonds

Dress by Any Old Iron, Vintage Shoes, Necklaces by Erickson Beamon at Showroom Seven (Image 1)

Coat by Niran, Silver Body Accessories by Sultry Affair Style at Confessional Showroom, Shoes by Tom Ford (Image 2)

IRK: First and foremost, we want to know, who’s your favorite model?

Jasmine: Apart from the obvious, my Mom and Auntie, my most significant influence has been Coco Rocha. I first met her on the set of The Face with my Dad. Then, over the next few years, we would see her and her family socially at each other’s homes. When I was 13, Coco invited me to Coco Rocha Model Camp, where she taught me to runway walk and pose like Coco!!

IRK: You’re wearing THE BLONDS on one of the covers. How did that inspire you when you were posing?

Jasmine: I loved that outfit the moment I saw it. It was pretty restrictive to move in as it was short, kind of revealing, and wrapped over my head, but I think all those things also made it cool and inspired me to get into character. I have heard of the Blonds mostly because my Dad has mentioned them many times and, I believe, has shot their clothes.

IRK: How did you feel shooting your first cover?

Jasmine: I was nervous and excited as I had never done anything like that before. The whole team was terrific; you all made me feel comfortable. Having my Mom and Dad present and producing and shooting it made it easy. Even my Dad’s assistants I have known for years!

IRK: You have the ultimate mentors. Please tell us how they inspire you.

Jasmine: I do, I do!! Well, they never pushed me to do anything but have always been there to encourage me in everything. My Mom and Auntie have been modeling since they were 18, and although it’s work and business, they have so much fun together doing it. Their sense of humor and love of life is contagious and is something I have always wanted in my life. My Dad is also a particular inspiration, as he loves me so much! He became an ambassador for the UN Foundation’s Girl Up Foundation when I was born and has fought for women’s rights and equal opportunities all my life.

Dress by Haleia at Confessional Showroom, Shoes by Femme Libérée at Showroom Seven, Bracelet by Alkemie Road at Crescala, Necklace by Erickson Beamon at Showroom Seven (Image 1)

Dress by The Blonds, Shoes by Saint Laurent, Earrings by Erickson Beamon at Showroom Seven (Image 2)

IRK: Favorite song right now? Favorite Jeans right now?

Jasmine: I love the new Olivia Rodrigo album Guts, and my favorite song is Lacy. I love thrift clothing, and there’s a beautiful store in Woodstock called Narnia where I buy most of my jeans. My favorite pair are baggy, low-waisted, ripped, and have spray paint on them.

IRK: What’s your beauty regimen?

Jasmine: First, I use Drunk Elephant cleansing balm to remove my makeup because it is super gentle on my eyelashes, and I love Mascara. Then, I use CeraVe face wash, which is also great for sensitive skin. Next, I put on Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrating serum, giving you a deep moisturizing. I have started using Night Serum by Hugh & Grace and Aquaphor on my lips at night. Finally, I lightly spray Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, cucumber, and green tea on my face.

IRK: Who’s your favorite designer, and what fashion show would you love to walk in? What would be your dream cover?

Jasmine: I love Cynthia Rowley; her clothes are so girly and fun. Also, she is a good family friend and always sweet. I would love to travel to Paris and walk in Fashion Week. My father walked in a Chanel show as a model and described the scene at the Louvre. My Mom and Dad lived there in the 90’s, and it sounds like the most romantic city! Who doesn’t want to be in Vogue?

IRK: What was your earliest memory of fashion?

Jasmine: I grew up in fashion and have always been surrounded by it. You could say it’s always been in my life. As a baby, I would visit my Dad’s photo studio daily, play on the sets, and meet all the stylists and models. I walked in my first runway show when I was about 5 for Rookie, and it was so much fun. When I was 6, I went to a Mara Hoffman runway show as my Dad’s plus 1. Before we went, he took me shopping at Marc Jacobs, and the rest is history!

Dress by Haleia at Confessional Showroom, Shoes by Malone Souliers at Showroom Seven, Ring by Erickson Beamon at Showroom Seven, Earrings by Alkemie Road at Crescala (Images 1 & 3)

Dress by  CD Greene (Image 2)

IRK: Your fabulous campaign with Niran just launched. How was it shooting with your father?

Jasmine: Working with my Dad is nice because he knows me, and we know each other and what we think while we shoot. I also love his whole team, and my Mom is there coaching me with pose ideas and cheerleading me!

IRK: At IRK, we partnered with the United Nations to discuss the 17 Global goals further. Which global goals do you align with?

Jasmine: All the Global Goals are very important, and I stand for them! I have supported and raised money for Girl Up, which fights for equality and women’s rights. I believe you have to live your life with intention and make intelligent and compassionate decisions for yourself and the world.

IRK: What do you see as the future of fashion?

Jasmine: Sustainable fashion has to be the future. It’s one of the reasons I like to thrift, as upcycling and recycling are important. My parents always say waste, not want. I have collaborated with YesAnd, the sustainable clothing brand, and modeled for Kiss The Ground, promoting their T-shirts. The Fashion industry is a major contributor to the environmental problems we all endure. Unless we shop and dress more responsibly, we will all have serious issues that may be unfixable.

IRK: What advice do you give to other emerging models?

Jasmine: Stay true to yourself and work hard, but remember to enjoy the process.

Isaac Davidson: You have the most beautiful hair ever (like, literally ). Do you feel like a different character or persona with different styles? Like up versus down? Curly versus straight.

Jasmine: I do. I feel more sassy when my hair is straightened, and when it’s curly, I feel more girly. I love expressing myself through my hair, although it often has its own opinion!!

Dress by Sergio Hudson at Crescala, Shoes by Sarah Palmer, Bracelet by Alkemie Road at Crescala, Necklace by Erickson Beamon at Showroom Seven (Image 1)

Head Piece by Nicole Davis at Confessional Showroom, Necklace by Erickson Beamon at Showroom Seven (Image 2)

Isaac Davidson: What’s the first shoot you remember being on? Were you instantly drawn to the glam team?

Jasmine: I grew up on photo shoots and have always loved hanging around the make-up table and watching the models do their makeup and hair. My Mom was a makeup artist for many years and did my Dad’s grooming on America’s Next Top Model, so I was always aware of and fascinated with it.

Isaac Davidson: On a day off, what do you do to keep your hair so iconic and healthy? What’s your secret to keeping it looking so good?

Jasmine: I love hair masks and leave-in conditioners and always try new shampoos. I love to go to sleep with damp hair after a shower as it curls while it dries slowly, and in the morning, I have big, bouncy curls! I have recently used a few fun products by Saints & Sinners and Hair Peace.

Glenn Brownell: If I can tell a model is antsy, I’ll try to get on with the makeup as fast as possible. I could tell you seemed to enjoy the whole process and were interested in what we were doing, which made you so much fun to work with. What do you love about hair and makeup, and what’s your earliest beauty memory?

Jasmine: I love the transformation. In general, I wear no makeup, but that’s why it is so much fun to sit in the makeup chair and get transformed into a character by the glam squad. My earliest beauty memory was of my Mom and Auntie doing my lashes when they were getting ready for a shoot. Watching my Mom and Auntie transform into otherworldly beauties at the makeup table was always fun. They often work on each other and giggle the whole time.

Glenn Brownell: You have the quiet confidence of someone decades older. Where do you think that comes from? Is that innate or something you had to work on?

Jasmine: Having a loving family and a solid base of people around you makes a huge difference. When I am on set, it is such a team effort, and everyone’s energy feeds into the whole vibe of the shoot. It’s essential to be a team player for the best results.

Dress and Jacket by CD Greene, Necklace by PB Design at Flying Solo, Shoes by Tom Ford (Image 1)

Earrings by Nicole Davis at Confessional Showroom (Image 2)


Dress by The Blonds





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