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JU-NNA SS24 Ready-to-Wear Collection

By Niko Koutsogiannis

Earlier last week JU-NNA debuted its Spring/Summer 2024 ready-to-wear collection at London Fashion Week. Offering a wide array of luxurious gender-neutral designs, the brand continues to innovate itself. Creative director behind the brand, Jun Nakamura crafted an intimate and delicate collection that elegantly blends a modern artistic spirit with traditional Japanese designs. Sharp textures and fresh patterns allowed these garments to shine down the runway, targeting them as a brand to keep-an-eye-out for.

Drawing inspiration from the spellbinding sculpture "Alternating Rhythm" by Maria Bartuszová, and the natural waves of water that grace our planet. JU-NNA's Spring/Summer 2024 line is nothing short of a sartorial masterpiece, from pleated tops mirroring water's ripples to structured pieces inspired by Bartuszová's sculpture. The color palette shifts between serene shades of blue and yellow, capturing the beauty of the natural world. Gentle incorporations of neutral garments help give balance to this meticulous collection.

This season, each design features brand-new Shibori patterns that have revolutionized the collection, creating fabrics that beautifully embrace the body. The Shibori technique's mark a turning point in the collection, with various Shibori-inspired designs enhancing each garment. JU-NNA introduces a twist by incorporating sheer jersey and raw organza, alongside organic cotton and recycled materials. The result is a collection that seamlessly merges tradition with cutting-edge design.

In a world where fashion often strives for originality, JU-NNA's Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a testament to the beauty of merging cultural influences and artistic sensibilities. Showing a high level of thought and intent behind each garment, and highlighting Nakamura’s unique cultural influences. It is an ode to the rhythm of life itself, where elegance and tranquility converge in breathtaking fashion.


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