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KENZO by Nigo: Fall/Winter 2022

The "Real-to-wear" proposed by the new creative director of the house, the Japanese fashion designer and Dj Nigo, offers an eclectic and modernized mix between American and Japanese aesthetics of the second half of the 20th century.

Several items such as suits in prince of wales checks, denim overalls, aviator bomber jackets, kimono vests, ties, Ivy caps, and teddy jackets, built a heterogenic style baptized by the designer as "real-to-wear": a mix of workwear, sportswear, and formalwear.

Japanese influence takes the greatest role in the motives of the collection, which are inspired by the Aka-e ceramic art, which Nigo is currently learning from the master Fujimura Shuji, who hand-painted the workwear-inspired pieces.

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Unknown member
Apr 05, 2022

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