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"LIGHT" an Artistic Narrative by Skye Aurelia

White Suit: Hurricane B at Flying Solo @hurricane__b @flyingsolo_pr

Skye Aurelia, a world-renowned icon in fashion, music, film, literature, and philanthropy, embodies a fusion of creativity and purpose. Her unique venture, the "Light Series," stands as a testament to her inventive spirit, the first to seamlessly integrate cinema, music, fashion, and technology into a singular artistic narrative. This visionary effort not only displays her talent for harmonizing diverse mediums but also highlights her commitment to impactful storytelling.

Adorning the glossy pages and covers of esteemed magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, Skye's presence transcends the traditional confines of art. Her authentic charm and approachable personality have made her a favorite in high-profile circles, from star-studded premieres for Netflix and Warner Brothers to humanitarian galas. Her dynamic modeling, characterized by expressive poses and captivating presence, has made her a sought-after figure for renowned photographers and fashion houses for Dior, Balmain, YSL, and Prada.

Skye's journey, marked by challenges including poverty, homelessness, loss, and bullying, has shaped her into a passionate advocate for social change. Her work speaks to issues of human rights, environmental conservation, and equity, reflecting her deep commitment to making a meaningful difference. Her support of the United Nations underscores her dedication to global humanitarian causes.

In her role as a creative force, Skye blurs the lines between art and technology, pioneering new forms of artistic expression. Her endeavors in sustainability and conservation are evident in her creative projects, positioning her as a role model for sustainable practices in the art, fashion, and nonprofit industries.

At the helm of Skye Entertainment, Skye Aurelia is not only gearing up to launch a new album and her film "Light Travelers" but is also spearheading initiatives through her nonprofit, Skye Global, and the Best Life Company. These ventures reflect her sustainable approach to wellness and her commitment to fostering equality and empowerment.

Skye's mission is clear and profound: to leave an indelible mark on the world through her innovative creations and compassionate actions. Her story is one of resilience, inspiration, and an unyielding desire to bring light and hope through her diverse artistic endeavors and philanthropic commitments.

Gold Dress: CD Greene @cd.greene

IRK: “Your "LIGHT" series is already making waves internationally and as shown in the photos is another world entirely. Can you share the underlying philosophy that connects the world across this multifaceted project?”

Skye Aurelia: This project comes from my studies in philosophy, literature, culture, and history from my experiences as a world traveler, and as a human being. I’ve seen a great deal of life in my years here. I think you have to understand people, and the human condition to know how to create another world. Much of the artwork that’s been done for Part 1 of the series focuses on problem-solving world issues. I am very personally involved with different countries, my friends live in different countries throughout the world, so for me, my home is the world, and my love for others is without borders. Even in my music, I incorporated various instruments, languages, and literary elements that express culture, philosophy, and history. It is my hope that through this fantasy world, people in every country, at any age or time, can connect further and understand one another better.

IRK: “Your nonprofit Skye Global is launching its first campaign. Can you tell me how you hope for Skye Global to reach a more sustainable future?”

Skye Aurelia: One of the sectors for my nonprofit focuses on Sustainability. Our goal is to plant 35,000,000 trees by 2035. By restoring businesses, the community, and our ecosystem we hope to achieve 100% of the necessary CO2 cuts to limit the worst impacts of climate change and to achieve a 0 carbon future.

IRK: “You are also launching products for your company Best Life Co. Please let us know how you plan to support the environment through your brand.”

Skye Aurelia: For me, I could never come out with a product that wasn’t environmentally friendly and you can quote me on that. We are launching a skincare and beauty line next year with the goal of having eco-friendly products that are created with sustainability and restoring our world in mind. Even the ingredients, we have quality ingredients that come from the earth and are sourced from nature. It was important to me personally to create a product that heals and nourishes the skin as well as our planet.

Digital Dress: Diana Couture, reimagined by Reinhardt Kenneth at The Archives & Showroom @dianamputri @reinhardtkenneth @thearchshow

IRK: “Your “Light Series” for Skye Entertainment is the first in the world to blend music, music videos, art, fashion, literature, and film into one cohesive storyline. In your view, how do these forms serve as conduits for your message of peace, love, and making the world a better place?

Skye Aurelia: I wanted to use different art forms to tell one storyline. I thought, “This hasn’t been done before.” Because of that, to be honest, it’s been a bit daunting writing books, creating a film, and creating an album, music videos, and artwork as an individual. I feel like it is something missing from the entertainment world that has the potential to be impactful so I knew I had to do it. There's not really a place for someone who does it all. I'd like to make that place for people like me. I have been fortunate to have such an amazing team of people who support this vision. When I look into the next year, I can’t help but be excited at what is coming next. All these different mediums, they are created from a place of love, with connecting everyone, to encourage the best parts of life. I hope this project will help others to be inspired to move forward towards the light.

IRK: “Can you tell us about this project and the details on how it was made, as well as the inspiration behind the artwork and your view on using AI for the future?”

Skye Aurelia: In this project “Light Travelers,” there was an innovative integration of artificial intelligence and human creativity to form a distinctive visual tale. I presented my idea to Nik Gundersen, who employed Midjourney and Photoshop to design the fantasy setting that served as the project's foundation. The studio session resembled a conventional fashion photoshoot, featuring the noteworthy stylist Cannon, makeup and hair professionals Jael Serrano and Star Tsai, and the incredibly talented photographer Reinhardt Kenneth, all operated against a plain white background. The primary goal of my team was to ensure coherence in the ambiance, positioning, and illumination with the AI-generated environments and the narrative of my Light Series.

During the editing phase, my editor, Liam Jenkins, skillfully merged the photographs with artistic touches to seamlessly integrate with the AI-generated settings. Hugo Arvizu added a film to the project by editing footage from behind the scenes, enriched with original music.

As the creative director, producer, and featured talent, my role was to orchestrate the convergence of all these elements with my team, making sure the story was effectively conveyed through the art. Additionally, the project incorporated an innovative technique of fantastical digital fashion from Diana Couture reimagined by Reinhardt Kenneth.

IRK: “How do you envision the future of sustainable fashion, what are the challenges, and what advice would you give to individuals looking to make their wardrobes more sustainable without compromising on style?”

Skye Aurelia: For me, I look forward to a fully healed planet. My goal for the future for sustainable fashion is to have clothes that either renew the environment or keep our world at carbon 0. The challenges are getting some bigger companies on board that make money from fast fashion and creating clothes in bulk for cheap. However, through presenting new options and materials to these brands, I believe it is possible to change even the most stubborn companies and show them that environmentally friendly options are the way of the future. Currently, there are already so many choices for people who want to maintain style and help the environment. I think that many companies are seeing the opportunity for money to be made while also making the world sustainable.

IRK: “As a figure in the fashion world, how do you incorporate sustainable practices into your personal style and professional choices?”

Skye Aurelia: I always choose clothes that help the environment. I work with smaller businesses, minority and women-led companies, and companies that have eco-friendly options. Even global names such as Prada often look for sustainability in their practices. I shop locally often for groceries, products, and fashion. The fashion industry contributes to 10% of greenhouse emissions so I have turned down various fast fashion deals because I don’t want to support or contribute to global warming. I’m currently working on a nature conservation book that shows fashion in places that are most impacted by global warming to raise awareness.

IRK: “Are there any sustainable fashion brands or designers you particularly admire or draw inspiration from for your artwork?”

Skye Aurelia: I love Iris Van Herpen. I think her brand aligns perfectly with my pursuit of sustainability, art, fashion, and fantasy. Her ingenuity and innovation in 3D design work is incomparable.

Bodysuit : Raffiey Nasir at The Archives & Showroom @raffieynasirofficial @thearchshow

IRK: “And finally, with your passion for humanitarian efforts and support of the United Nations, which United Nations Sustainable Development Goal holds the most significance for you?”

Skye Aurelia: I believe my goals and the United Nation’s goals closely align. The UN tackles different areas and I feel that each goal is necessary for the betterment of our world. I love number 4, quality education. With proper education, everything can change. There are many kids, that have the potential to change the world just through learning. With access to schools, the internet, reading materials, clean water, and food, kids can grow and thrive into future leaders. With education, we can create a more peaceful, free, just, and equitable world.

IRK: Skye, given your career and public persona, many of your fans are naturally curious about your personal life. Could you share how you navigate relationships and dating while managing such a dynamic and demanding professional life? How do you balance the private and public aspects of your relationships? And is there a special someone in your life?”

Skye Aurelia: I’ve had a lot of people inquire about my dating life but I’m typically a pretty private person. My work and personal life are very separate entities. I’ve been asked if I was dating Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus, Henry Cavill, Simu Liu, I’ve been asked if I’m Taylor Swift or Charlize Theron’s sister, all of which are not true. I think people just want to know how I came to be in the industry. But no, I’m not dating anyone or related to anyone in the industry. I’m dating someone I met in high school. They’ve supported me when I wasn’t “SKYE” and throughout my journey. I think whether you date someone in your field or out of it, prioritizing time with them, giving support, and communicating are key. Sometimes, I won’t go to some events or jobs to prioritize the relationship. Sometimes, I’ll go to events and they’ll help with my shoots. Ultimately, it's just important to be a team, to have the balance, to support one another in your dreams but to also take time off to rest and play. Because success isn’t everything nor can you live fully for another person’s love. The balance between spending time together and supporting one another in your dreams is important.

Bodysuit : Raffiey Nasir at The Archives & Showroom @raffieynasirofficial @thearchshow

IRK: “Looking forward, what are some personal goals or aspirations you have outside of your professional achievements?”

Skye Aurelia: A lot of my goals are professional because I am living out my dream. I get to create and perform so it is very much a labor of love. I have quarterly goals, 1,2,3,5,10 year goals. I wrote a story about how I want my life to go, I say affirmations and have a vision board. I include different aspects of wellness beyond career and finance, for my health, my relationships, my emotions, and my intellect in my goals. I think it is great to have a clear vision so each day you know where you want to go and where you will be in the future if you apply yourself. I want to travel, I want to get married and have kids. I want to build a home. It’s simple but I want to look back on how deeply I loved and the chances I chose to take. If I can look back and think I’ve made more lives better than when I came to this world, then I lived well.

IRK: “Everyone finds inspiration in different places. Can you share with us who or what has been your biggest source of inspiration, what have been some of the most pivotal moments that shaped who you are today in both your personal and professional life?”

Skye Aurelia: I’m inspired all the time, by artists like Van Gogh and Rembrandt, by Da Vinci, by classical musicians like Chopin and Tchaikovsky, and rappers, opera singers, broadway plays, electric guitarists, and rock musicians. By stoic philosophers and Shakespeare, I’m constantly inspired by stories, by those that create. When I was growing up, I didn’t have a role model around me, I was often told not to try or excel, and I was put down and bullied for being myself. I think that I looked to these great artists because even when I was in the gutter, it was proof I wasn’t alone in my desire to mold life and dream of the stars. If you ever feel like you lack inspiration, look around you, every part of life is something you can derive creativity from. Just the fact we are all living and breathing at the same time, in this moment is quite inspirational.

IRK: “We all have hobbies or interests that may surprise others. What are some of yours that might be unexpected to your fans?”

Skye Aurelia: I love martial arts, singing, dancing, piano. I love driving sports cars. I watch so much anime and play video games. I think a lot of people don’t know that about me. I was raised in a rural area, where I have chickens, pigs, goats, and horses. I played American football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. I was in track and field. I was constantly active, climbed trees, and rolled around in the mud. I think a lot of people because of my line of work think I came from money and lived in the city, or I’m European, but I’m self-made from a small town in America. Everything I am was because I pursued my individuality in spite of everyone who discouraged it.

Dress: Nina Gavasheli at Showroom Seven @nina.gavasheli @showroomseven

IRK: “Lastly, could you share some personal insights or advice for our readers who look up to you and aspire to follow a similar path?”

Skye Aurelia: I think truthfully, I followed this path because of who I am. I have an internal desire to grow, to help others, to create, and to push myself through adversity. No matter what happens, I don’t stay down. I am a fighter. I fight for peace and a better future. I think for anyone that wishes to follow the path I have, first, you must be authentically yourself and follow your heart, you must be willing to take calculated risks and strategically focus on where you want to go in life, you have to be able to get up and keep going, even when you fall or you lose your way, you come from nothing, you don’t have connections, you get bullied, people tell you no, you have to believe in yourself, you have to not give up, you must create from your mind and will, and your focus should always ultimately to spread a smile and to be to make the world a better place.

IRK: Your career is incredibly diverse, spanning modeling, music, acting, writing, and entrepreneurship. How do you manage to balance and excel in such varied fields while maintaining a cohesive artistic vision?

Skye Aurelia: I am an artist at heart. I take my artistry, my empathy, my experiences and understanding as a human being to translate across different fields. For me, life is inspiration and artistry. All of entertainment and fashion is the ability to express art. For a painter, a musician, an actor, or writer, we are telling a story, we are creating with the intent to move another’s heart, to show our own and connect our humanity. A story that can be translated into different mediums has been my objective for my Light Series.

Red Dress: Benchellal at Aeraid PR @benchellal @aeraidpr

IRK: Your "Light Series" is a groundbreaking fusion of movies, music, technology, and fashion. What inspired this innovative approach, and how do you see it evolving in the future?

Skye Aurelia: What originally started as a music album, I wrote into a story, which expanded into a script, a novel, fashion, and artwork. I created my album thinking that writing a story into the lyrics would make it more compelling, combining literature, poetry, historical elements, and philosophy. I saw the potential for more. As I release more of my music, the novels, fashion, and film, I hope that everyone can enjoy the different elements and feel connected to the storyline, the characters, the artistic expression I developed from my own experiences.

IRK: With your presence on the covers of prestigious magazines and participation in high-profile events, how do you leverage your platform to advocate for social causes, particularly in your support for homelessness, environmental change, and disaster relief?

Skye Aurelia: Honestly, it has been a struggle in ways to meld my interest in humanitarian work and entertainment. Some people in the entertainment and fashion world have yet to embrace humanitarian work. Some people in the humanitarian field are not connected to entertainment or fashion. I think that relating to people at their core is the key to find commonalities. Everyone cares about creation, self expression, and social causes, it’s just about what what resonates with you, finding what lights you up. For me, the goal was to be able to create and to be able to make a difference. I think once you know exactly what you want, I can go to events, and be on the cover of magazines and know that I stand up for myself and everyone else towards the end of a better world.

IRK: You've been associated with renowned fashion brands and have walked various fashion weeks. How do you navigate the intersection between art, sustainability, and the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry?

Skye Aurelia: I think when you have a passion, it keeps you going. When you have passion, you get obsessed. You don’t have to force yourself to start when you love something. Sometimes you have to force yourself to stop. Always take time to rest and play, but I feel like I continue to work despite any hurdles or pressure, because I love what I do. I pursue art, and fashion, and a sustainable future, even when I get backlash, I always stay true to myself and I think that genuine authenticity, people respond to. I am able to make a difference in peoples lives and create from my heart. It is my dream that once seemed impossible to me. I am happy that I am now someone that can show other people that their dreams are possible.

Cage Dress : Kenneth Barlis at The Archives & Showroom @kennethbarlis_official @thearchshow

IRK: Your involvement with organizations like the United Nations, Global Citizen, and UNICEF showcases your commitment to philanthropy. Could you share a pivotal moment or experience that intensified your dedication to humanitarian efforts?

Skye Aurelia: There’s been so many instances, once when I was a kid I sat, had lunch, and talked for hours with a homeless man and when he went to go to the bathroom, I left money in his jacket. The other day, I helped a family get shelter and bought food for a mother and her 3 children on the side of the road, when I was homeless, I gave what little money I had to help another homeless person, during climate week in New York, I gave CPR to a woman with fentanyl poisoning because I was the only one who knew CPR or even wanted to stop. I think some moments stick out to me because of the kindness and gratitude of the people I give to, when its small messages I receive saying thank you for taking the time out, it saved my life. I think a lot of people don’t realize the power they have to change another persons life, that a kind word, a kind act, just giving a complement or buying someone lunch, giving your time to a cause that speaks to you, you can change the world.

IRK: As a creative director and producer for leading magazines, how do you integrate AI and technology into your artistic projects, and what potential do you see for these innovations in the future of art and media?

Skye Aurelia: A lot of people shy away from using art or technology. For me, I respect both, the raw photography, the expression of an authentic moment, to the artist creating another world into a photo, transporting us into our imagination. I honestly believe that ai is an incredible tool, that rather than being afraid of it, we should use it how we want. Create from our minds and use ai and technological advancement as a tool to better express those ideas. I grew up as an artist so for me, I feel nothing but excitement seeing what can be done artistically, the realism and fantastical elements that can be incorporated through technology. I can’t wait to see what future developments occur from creativity and innovation. We are really transcending into a new world of art. I’m happy I can kind of lead the way with technology through artwork.

IRK:"Light Travelers" seems like a significant project in your film production journey. What themes or messages do you hope to convey through this film, and how does it align with your broader artistic vision?

Skye Aurelia: Light Travelers is in its preproduction phase. I won’t give too much away yet but it is aligned with the artwork you have seen thus far. I have split into 3 parts, 3 novels. But the premise is to transport yourself into different worlds, different cultures, and ideologies. It is to bring you closer to the characters and the human condition. Each world has a different message which connects with the song. For Light Travelers, it is the journey to self discovery, traveling through worlds, time, space, and the path to coming back into the light.

Digital Dress: Diana Couture, reimagined by Reinhardt Kenneth at The Archives & Showroom @dianamputri @reinhardtkenneth @thearchshow

IRK: Your ventures, such as the Best Life Company and Skye Global, emphasize wellness, equity, and helping others achieve their best lives. How do these initiatives reflect your personal values and experiences?

Skye Aurelia: For Best Life Company, I am creating products with my team that focus on personal wellness, sustainability, equity, and becoming your best self through habits and routines that make you feel good. For me, I have always researched and been incredibly interested in the the science behind wellness, doing things and have a lifestyle that leads towards suitability, wellness, equity and my best self. I struggled with it a lot in my past, eating right, using the right products, living in a way that made me unhealthy or unhappy. I understand the importance that having the right products and the right routines cumulate into the best version of yourself. Because I struggled, I want to help other people out of their own struggles. I want to help other people achieve their greatest selves. Through Skye Global, my nonprofit, it is all in the pursuit of helping everyone live their best lives. That is my greatest wish and mission, to remove as much suffering as I can and to help even one person to move forward.

IRK: Could you speak about a specific piece of your artwork or a project that holds deep personal significance to you, either due to its message or the process behind its creation?

Skye Aurelia: For me, I think that my first project will always be symbolic for me. Blank Canvas, I worked with my closest friends to create together. It was me breaking out for the first time as creative director and producer for the project. The storyline is to come from darkness into the light, a rebirth. At that moment, I think it was transcendental for me. I believed in myself and my team believed in me. It was a really wonderful moment. Releasing it as my first song, I get emotional about it, because it feels like a dream from 8 year old me coming alive. Having the courage to do it now, with the support of people that love me, it really is like being reborn into the light.

IRK: Your journey from facing adversity to becoming a global influencer and advocate is inspiring. What advice would you give to aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and activists who aim to create a similar positive impact in the world?

Skye Aurelia: I think the best thing that anyone can do, is to drop any limiting belief that you can’t do literally anything you dream of doing. Don’t postpone it. Don’t say next year, next month, next week, start today. Know that no matter where you are in life today, you can be whoever you want to be, whoever you see yourself as inside your heart. Don’t let who you are now, affect your dreams.

Believe that you will be successful. Make a vision board, say affirmations, visualize your future self, and then be consistent to show up as that person. No matter what you want to be, create, innovate from your experiences, from your inspirations, and never sell yourself short. We are all a genius in our own way, gifted in our own way. Be authentically yourself and pursue what lights fire in your heart and never, ever give up until you have it. I believe in you.

IRK: Which United Nations Sustainable Development Goal do you wish to see succeed in the future?

Skye Aurelia: The United Nations is a constant inspiration for me through my work. I hope that all the SDG’s will be accomplished, but I believe that through 4. education, all the children of the future will be able to create peace, freedom, safety, and a world where we are all thriving not merely surviving.

Digital Dress: Diana Couture, reimagined by Reinhardt Kenneth at The Archives & Showroom @dianamputri @reinhardtkenneth @thearchshow

A Skye Entertainment Production @Skyeentertainmentgroup 

Talent & Creative Director Skye Aurelia @Skye.aurelia 

Photography Reinhardt Kenneth @Reinhardtkenneth 

Project Manager Kevin Skye @_kevinskye 

Producer Ari Friedman @arimandias

Fashion Stylist Cannon @thecannonmediagroup 

HMUA Jael Serrano @serranostudiosla

Star Tsai @startsai_makeup 

DP Hugo Arvizu @Arvizu_arts 

Digital set design Nik Gundersen @nik_gundersen 

Digital designer: #DianaCouture @dianamputri Reimagined by @reinhardtkenneth 

Lighting Director Rafa Llamas @Rafa2w 

Gaffer: Suimay Lee (@suimaylee) 

Digitech: Rania (@nias.archives_) 

Photographer's Assistant: Lela Fen @lela.fen

Retoucher: Liam Jenkins @liamjenkins.retoucher 

Fashion Assistant: Winnie Paranoan @winnie_noan 

Agent Jennifer Cooper @jencooperphoto

White Dress: Beauté Comme Toi at The Confessional Showroom NYC @beautecommetoi @the_confessional_showroom_nyc


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