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LITKOVSKA’S Himalayan journey

color portrait fashion photography

The eponymous fashion brand Litkovska, showcased its latest autumn-winter collection titled “UNDERWATER” this year in Paris. Inspired by a journey across the Himalayan mountains, designer Lilia Litkovska embarks us on a meditative journey. This presentation was an ode to peace and rebirth, perhaps expressing a near future longed for in the creator’s homeland, Ukraine.

This idea of a fresh start is reflected all through the presentation’s unfolding, which we can almost describe as a ritual. Guests were greeted with a cup of tea in the Leclaireur concept store where the setting welcomed us with natural dimmed light, a wooden structure, textured walls, … Once the models appeared, their walk was accompanied by an enchanting guitar melody. The guests went silent, the models walking, the music playing; the presentation transformed into a ceremony of rebirth.

color portrait fashion photography

The notion of a fresh start was best expressed by the use of symbolism in the garments. The rejuvenating journey through the Himalayas profoundly marked the designer, as observed from hiking gear which made its way until the model’s catwalk looks. From nature to the runway, the designer shares her meditative experience to the world through her craft. Models walked the runway in deconstructed masculine vests combined with more feminine elements such as dresses and skirts. Androgynous as they were, from the silhouettes to the messy hair and natural bare faces, as if they just walked out of the water, the models became like a blank canvas for a new beginning.

color portrait fashion photography

Furthermore, a recurrent pattern of fish, symbols for a fresh start in folklore culture, reminds the concept of rebirth, venturing as far as shaping the jewelry pieces hanging from the model’s ears and wrists. As the title “UNDERWATER” indicates, this collection tells a story of rebirth, a purifying baptizing ceremony through water, for a fresh new start.

Here is a look at some pieces of the collection, neutral tones and slight references to water, hiking and nature reflect the overall concept of the presentation. Shinny glitters on the left-hand look reminds us of water running down the model's skin, or perhaps fish scales. As if they just came back from a journey through nature, the girls carry water bottles, wear hiking shoes, and their hair is undone as if blown by the wind.

color portrait of fashion models, fashion photography

The presentation was then concluded by a ribbon tying ceremony, which invited the guests to write down their wishes on ribbons and then tied them to the decor, sending them out to the universe. Before leaving we were also given signed photographs of mountains and lakes, like postcards to remember this mystical experience of rebirth.

color photographs of ribbon ceremony

Text by Camille Blanchard

Photography by Camille Blanchard and from the official Instagram and Youtube account of Litkovska


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