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Living in Fantasy Land: Inside Love Bailey’s Surreal Savage Ranch

Love in  Paco Robanne, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Hat: Baileys

Imagine plunging into a technicolor world, where every corner overflows with audacious design and unbridled imagination. This is no Hollywood set, but The Savage Ranch, the brainchild of artist and visionary, Love Bailey. Bailey's maximalist aesthetic, pulsating with vibrant energy, transports visitors to a haven where creativity thrives and self-expression reigns supreme.

Love in Paco Robanne, Fireplace: Vintage, Lamp: Custom 1970’s from Vegas Showgirl Antiques , Drums: Vintage

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the inspiration behind Bailey's captivating creations, uncovering the unique influences that shaped her distinct style. From a showgirl grandmother who instilled a love for opulent glamour to the enchanting sets of old Hollywood legend Tony Duquette, Bailey's journey unveils a fascinating blend of personal heritage and artistic inspiration.

Bailey shares tales of childhood homes adorned with exotic trinkets, the allure of meticulously crafted film sets, and an unforgettable encounter with a Bel Air estate straight out of a glamorous bygone era. 

IRK Living discovers how these experiences intertwined to create the maximalist masterpiece that is The Savage Ranch, a space where boundaries dissolve and imagination takes flight.

Lighthouse Living room , Custom Haus of Lovel

Picture 2: Clothing- Custom Haus of Love. Picture 3: Doll Cabinet- Bob Macki Collection and Haus of Love , Curated with artists in residence, Marine, & CJ Kut

For Bailey, maximalism isn't just a design choice, it's a philosophy for living. At The Savage Ranch, Bailey invites visitors to shed their inhibitions and embrace the full spectrum of their authentic selves, experiencing the transformative power of unbridled creativity.

Picture 1: Love- Paco Robanne, Mama- Calvin Klein, Mask- Haus of Love. Picture 3: Table- Artist in residence: Mariano Rubin De Celis 3: Model- Emil Jameson. 

Love in  Wiederheoft Couture , Toolbelt: Homo Depot


Patrick Duffy: We love your maximal design sensibility, it's like a glamorous Hollywood set. Where did you get the inspiration from?

Love Bailey: I grew up with my showgirl grandmother in a home where every room had its own unique theme. Wallpaper adorned the walls from floor to ceiling, adorned with trinkets collected from her extensive travels spanning Hong Kong to the Philippines. She was the epitome of glamour, the ultimate curator of a visually stunning lifestyle.

Picture 1: Ladies Who Lunch Back Porch. Picture 2: Couch- Custom from 1970s , Chair- Brass with Crocodile Leather, Designed by Mark A. Dahl. Pictures 3 & 4: Western Bungalow. Picture 5: Table- Mariano Rubin De Celis , Art- Red Girl Riding Horse by Salvador Dali

As I matured, my journey led me into the realm of dance and eventually to a career as a fashion stylist. Along this path, I developed a desire to comprehend every facet of image creation, naturally extending my exploration into the realm of set design. It was during this exploration that I stumbled upon the enchanting creations of Tony Duquette, renowned for crafting sets for the iconic films of old Hollywood.

Love in Julia Clancy , Mama in Calvin Klein , Guitar: Fender , Curtains: Evan Andy , Drums: Tame , Self Portrait: Haus of Love

An unforgettable experience unfolded when I attended a vow ceremony at Duquette's Bel Air estate, a location now famously featured in Ryan Murphy's show "Ratched" with Sharon Stone. Every inch of Duquette's home was meticulously designed to perfection. The walls were adorned with abalone shells, and bamboo-laden gardens surrounded the estate, transporting visitors through a time warp into the opulent lifestyles of old Hollywood glamour.

For me, this kind of aesthetic is not just a visual delight; it's a creation of a portal to another dimension. I strive to craft spaces where imagination can roam freely, offering a sanctuary to escape the worries of everyday life.

Picture 1: Betty's Boudoir, Love- Honey Birdette, Shoes- Christian Louboutin , Headpieces & Flags- Haus of Love Couture Picture 2: Mama's House, Love- Catherine D’Lish , Dolls- Bob Mackie, Walls- Painted by Mariano Rubin De Celis , Mirrors- Erte Vogue , Headpiece- Haus of Love.

Picture 1: Lighthouse Blue Room*. Picture 2: Loves Boudoir, Headboard- Custom, Comforter- Haus of Love. Picture 3: Lighthouse Blue Bathroom*. Picture 4: Model- Emil Jameson. 

Patrick Duffy: What are some of the "must haves" for you at the ranch? Does the atmosphere inspire you to create?

Love Bailey: When asked about essential elements for a ranch, my list is eclectic and vibrant. Velvet textures, metallic accents, and the bold clash of prints are absolute must-haves. Embracing a maximalist design philosophy, I envision a space adorned with erotic art, reminiscent of a traveling gypsy showgirl who has whimsically dropped her bags in the heart of the desert.

Trans Curated Closet*

Mirrors would grace every corner, reflecting the allure of the surroundings. Vanities strategically placed for touch-ups, closets stocked with couture for guests, and the warm glow of candles would contribute to the atmosphere. Fire and water elements, including a jacuzzi and pool, ideally both, would elevate the experience amidst green, lush nature.

Carefully curated lighting and plush rugs would contribute to creating an ambiance akin to a movie set. You should want to take mushrooms and indulge in an orgy, film a music video or just read a good book by the fireplace. Every inch of the ranch should transport you to a different world, offering a sanctuary where one can escape and indulge in the art of creation.

Patrick Duffy: What is your biggest dream for the ranch?

Love Bailey: My ultimate dream is to establish a fully immersive queer retreat, a haven where artists can find a sense of belonging and depart with newfound inspiration.

Patrick Duffy: I love that dream! When am I moving in?

Love Bailey: Whenever your heart desires, darling!

Picture 1: Main Lighthouse , Mama's Burnt Tractor. Picture 2: Circus Town Western Bungalow. Picture 3: Stables for Animal Rescue: Umace & Old Molly


Love & Her mother Mama Savage welcome you with open arms, asking you to dip your paintbrush in magic goo & Slather it on Thick! - IT'S SHOWTIME BABY! "

Available for bookings on Peerspace


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