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Lola Mayeras: Bridging the Gap Between Functionality and Timeless Beauty

color photograph of ceramic mug
The Ears Mug by Lola Mayeras

In the idyllic south of France, among sun-soaked hills and sprawling lavender fields, a creative luminary was born: Lola Mayeras, a designer whose lineage of craftsmanship and appreciation for contemporary art and fashion resulted in collections of ceramic homeware pieces that stand at the intersection of functionality and artistic expression.

Born and raised in southern France, Mayeras' entry into the world of design was almost predetermined. Her background in sculpture, inherited from her ceramist father, combined with her prior experience in fashion design, yields a unique perspective on contemporary ceramics. In 2020, she established her design studio and brand, returning from Paris where she had worked as a fashion designer, to her childhood home in the south of France. It was from her retired father’s atelier that she released her first collection.

Her pieces are a synthesis of traditional ceramic craftsmanship and playful references to fashion and contemporary art, re-contextualizing the vibrancy and organic shapes of the '60s without the hard edges of modern minimalism. Careful studies of shape, form, and color result in works that take on both cheekily recognizable and elegant, amorphous profiles. Her creations can function as standalone pieces or as cohesive homeware collections.

Now, working between her studios in Paris and the south of France, Mayeras is looking beyond the medium of clay and homeware. Her interest in new materials and genres of sculpture marks a new chapter in her creative endeavors and cements her position as a pioneer in the worlds of sculpture and lifestyle.

color photograph of ceramic vase

Mayeras effortlessly navigates the boundary between heritage and modernity. Through her work, she honors the legacy of craftsmanship passed down through generations while embracing the spirit of experimentation and creativity that defines the modern age. She reminds us to appreciate the beauty and sustainability of handmade craftsmanship in a world dominated by mass production. With each piece, she invites us to slow down and find joy in the simple act of living.


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