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Louis D. Srybnik Foundation Supports National Capital Treatment to Help Young Adults with Addiction!

Drug and alcohol addiction does not discriminate based on age, gender, upbringing, or socioeconomic status. Most of us know someone whose life has been impacted by substance abuse. However the hardest demographic is our youth as addiction takes away their future. That is why the Louis D. Srybnik Foundation supports low income youths to get help through National Capital Treatment & Recovery. This year the Louis D. Srybnik Foundation donated grants helping 30 or more low income youths through recovery from substance abuse.

National Capital Treatment & Recovery has been at the forefront of the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction in the Washington, DC area for the past 58 years. More than 23 million Americans have a drug or alcohol-abuse problem, but only 10 percent will get the treatment they need. National Capital Treatment & Recovery provides an important resource to adolescent boys and girls struggling with addiction and has served more than 40,000 patients. An average of over 70 percent of patients in all National Capital Treatment & Recovery’s treatment programs successfully complete the entire program – well over the USA national average.

National Capital Treatment & Recovery is the oldest and one of the most successful nonprofit treatment agencies providing assistance and healing to those in need. Since their inception, they have assisted thousands of men, women, and young adults across the country in successfully overcoming substance abuse issues, reuniting with their families, and leading productive, fulfilling lives.

If you need help, know someone one who does or want to help others through a donation go to

This article is sponsored by the Louis D. Srybnik Foundation


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