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Louis D. Srybnik Foundation Supports United2Read

The Louis D. Srybnik Foundation understands the importance of literacy for every child and for the world as a whole. Literacy is widely accepted as key to a student's success. Yet, data shows that literacy has been at a standstill in recent years. In order to move forward in a positive direction, it is critical that programs are developed and provided for both young children and older youth. Children need creative methods to increase students' engagement in and appreciation for writing and reading.

That is why the Louis D. Srybnik Foundation is sponsoring the United2Read program. United2Read is a movement that partners with states, communities and foundations to ensure all children are reading at grade level by the end of 3rd grade by bringing the evidence-based A2i Professional Support System to more students and teachers in schools across the nation.

The success of this program is obvious in the numbers

Starting in kindergarten the United2Read program will be in schools across the nation and reach over 100,000 students in 300 schools over the next four years. Each learning program is tailor-

made for the needs of each student and allows teachers to help every student so that no child is left behind. Currently, two-thirds of 3rd graders across the nation are not reading proficiently, leading to lower graduation rates and continuing the cycle of intergenerational poverty that plagues many communities.

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