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When MAISON KITSUNÉ and EASTPAK get together magic happens. Urban, stylish, foxy bag magic that is. Eastpak's durable canvas bags have been trusted for their quality for over half a century and happen to be a favorite canvas for the fashion industry's most prolific designers. Eastpak has collaborated with Vetement, Jun Takahashi, Raf Simons and now for the second time Maison Kitsuné.

Maison Kitsuné and Eastpak unite their creativity for a second exclusive limited edition collaboration!

The Maison Kitsuné x Eastpak capsule collection season SS19, is available from this month in Maison Kitsuné stores, authorized dealers and online at and

Maison Kitsuné was founded in 2002 in Paris by Gildas Loaëc, music producer, and Masaya Kuroki, with a degree in architecture. A trip to Japan inspired them to create a structure where their French origins and their shared passion for fashion and music, would mix without constraints.

"Kitsuné" means "fox" in Japanese. The fox possesses powers of metamorphosis, according to the legend. A mythical animal that can change his appearance according to his mood, it has been adopted as the flagship logo of Maison Kitsuné. For this collaboration with Eastpak, Maison Kitsune has created an overlapping fox pattern in discrete grey, black and white.

The campaign photoshoot is not a disappoint either! In a deserted sand pit two young nomads show off their prized new Eastpak x Kitsuné bags. They are dressed in urban wear and are leaning against a dirt bike in the same pattern as their bags.

IRK Magazine's favorite is the Tranverz S Kitsune Dark Camo Cabin Luggage. It has a protected compartment for your laptop in the center. Practical fashion is a must and why MAISON KITSUNÉ x EASTPAK = we want one for Xmas!!!


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